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Quotes from Drew Brees following the Week 8 game against the Minnesota Vikings

Drew Brees spoke to the media following the Week 8 game on Sunday, Oct. 28

Saints Quarterback Drew Brees

Q: How did the fumble at the end of the first half change the game?

A: That was a big momentum shift. It put us in the position to get seven points before half. The Vikings were in scoring range at least, field goal or touchdown, so it was a big swing in the game.

Q: This was another tough win on the road, the team is undefeated on the road this year. What does that tell you about this team's ability to win in different venues and different ways?

A: I think it says a lot about the team. We come into every game with a ton of confidence. I think we feel really confident going on the road. We feel like we are battle tested and that we win in a lot of different ways. We have been in a lot of different types of games already in the first part of the season. Obviously this one had a little extra special meaning, being able to come in and get a win here against a great opponent in a tough venue. Knowing that these guys are always going to be in the hunt, talking about the Vikings. That is just based upon the games that we have played against these guys in the past. Got a ton of respect for them, their players and leadership. We knew it was going to be a hard-fought game. The difference was getting some of those turnovers, those were big. I felt offensively that we were efficient. There weren't a ton of big plays, but it was just a lot of grind-it-out type of football, time of possession, running the ball and putting ourselves in position to score

Q: What does it say about the team to be able to win with different styles?

A: You are just ready to take advantage of any opportunities the opposing team will give you. We come in with a pretty elaborate game plan and then based upon what we are seeing and what is effective, we typically narrow that down and find out bread and butter. It felt like today we were able to really control the ball on the ground and it felt like the passing game was really a compliment to that, getting a first down every now and then, getting completions, and creating positive plays. Positive plays put us in manageable situations so we could sustain drives to stay on the field and keep their explosive offensive off the field and make plays.

Q: Did you plan to have a balanced attack with passing and rushing? At the end of the game, it seemed like you all had just about as many rushing plays as passing plays.

A: The way you are always playing the situation and the way that that game was unfolding there at the end. We had enough of a lead, and you are looking at the clock as well, and focused on getting first downs but sustaining the drives and understanding that you have a pretty good lead that you are trying to protect. It is not a conservative approach, it is just a smart approach.

Q: What happed on that interception play?

A: It shouldn't have happened. Just get the ball down a little bit, I had a little bit of pressure, but I should have just got the ball down and we're fine.

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