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Quotes from Drew Brees following the Week 2 game against the Cleveland Browns

Drew Brees spoke to the media following the Week 2 game on Sunday, Sept. 16

New Orleans Saints vs. Cleveland Browns - Mercedes-Benz Superdome - Sunday, Sept. 16 - Saints quarterback Drew Brees

On how Coach Payton said you guys won, but he is not all that overjoyed over the overall play:
"Neither am I. It wasn't a very good performance by us. At least in the first half, I could point to three, four, five, six different plays where we missed a pass on an open guy on a touchdown or we missed an assignment that would otherwise have continued a drive or gotten us points. The turnovers, it was really sloppy football. It was not sharp. We came out in the second half. Don't convert on two third and ones on our first two drives in the third quarter. Then (we) find a way in the fourth quarter, which was a great team effort, says a lot about our team to come together to make plays and have a sense of urgency. We drive down, get a touchdown, (The) Defense comes up with an interception and we get another touchdown. Then go down a kick a field goal late. It really shouldn't come down to that, and I think that if we're talking about playing our best football, then today was not that. There's a lot of things we need to work on."

On when you think about the end of the game, you guys have done that so many times, where there was maybe a little bit of relief kick in, that you could get it done?
"Listen, these are games that define your identity a little bit. These are games where, maybe you did not have your best stuff, but you found a way. I believe we are going to have plenty of better days where we are hitting on all cylinders. When we're making plays. To know that you can shake off whatever it was that was going on in the first three quarters and have that belief system in place amongst the team on offense, defense, and special teams. Hey, somebody is going to make a play, I don't know who it is, but somebody is going to make a play. Put yourself in the right position and it's going to happen and believe that we'll find a way to come back and win this game."

On how they want everybody to talk about this Cleveland team and what the streak was:
"There are a lot of different pieces to that team this year to last year. I'm not sure what happened last year, but I just know that when I turn on the film, I see a team that is going to win games. I think they have got some talent on offense. They have talent on defense. They played us tough. We had some opportunities that we didn't take advantage of. We left a lot of points out there, moreso than I think I can remember from us as an offense. We're walking away from this happy that we got the win, our first one this season, happy that we came together as a team to get it done at the end. But there's a huge sense of urgency for our improvement now as we move on to next week."

On why the team's been off a little the first two weeks:
"Well I would say that we've just been a little inconsistent. So we need to be more consistent."

On if there's a difference when playing in a different way or multitude of ways but also playing consistently offensively. Last week, racking up 40 points. This week a little bit low scoring, if there are different ways to play a game:
"I feel we left two touchdowns out there in the first half. If you tack that on, it puts us in our range. We have lofty expectations for us offensively. Ever since I've been here, every time we touch the ball, we expect to score. Whoever's number is called, we feel confident we've got guys who can make plays. Whoever the defense decides to take away, we've got guys and we'll find the matchups and exploit the weakness. The opportunities were there today, we just didn't capitalize on them."

On the second touchdown to Michael (Thomas), if if they gave him a look where he knew immediately that "this is where we're going"?
"They were cheating on to him. I still just felt that like we had a place where I could throw it and he could make the catch."

On how does coming back like give him and the team confidence:
"These are the wins that help build that confidence and identity. As poorly as we played in that first half in that game, we missed opportunities, we still found a way. Everyone made plays when we needed to. But we also need to understand that that wasn't good. That's not our standard, the way we played the first three quarters offensively. Our defense played really well. Offensively that wasn't our standard. We've got make sure that we take advantage of the opportunities when we get them."

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