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Quotes from Drew Brees following the Week 11 game against the Philadelphia Eagles

Drew Brees spoke to the media following the Week 11 game on Sunday, Nov. 18

On the offense being on a roll and momentum and confidence of the offense:
"There's still a process. Each and every week, the gameplan that the coaches work so hard to put together, the time that we need in practice to make sure that we are executing that plan to perfection. The time that I need with the receivers and the running backs and the tight ends. There's just so much that goes into that. We don't take that for granted. You don't just snap your fingers and come out and play like that. A lot of time on task, and great effort, and great focus and attention to detail. We do come out with a lot of confidence because we know the amount of preparation that has gone into that. Each and every time we touch the ball, we feel like we're going to the make plays, that we have in the gameplan. If all of a sudden adjustments need to be made, we know how to make those. We know where our matchups are. I think there's just a lot of confidence that goes into each and every time we touch the ball what do we need to do to put points on the board this drive."

On if Drew is every surprised by the offenses efficiency:
"One at a time. Honestly, there's always another challenge. Every time we step on the field, we understand that we are going to have to earn it. We have to go out and earn the victory. We have to go out there and earn that amount of points within the framework of understanding what's winning football. When you take care of the football, when you convert third downs, when maximize your opportunities in the red zone, that is winning football. Control the ball, control time of possession. If we just continue to create the sense of urgency each and every week on making sure we accomplish those things then good things will happen."

On Drew's chemistry with Tre'Quan Smith:
"Obviously, this was a huge night for him. I think, especially early on, it became evident that Philly really wanted to take away Michael Thomas to the point where it was two guys running around the field with him everywhere. The same with Alvin (Kamara) for the most part. That was opportunities for some of these other guys to get touches and matchups. They all made the most of it. Tre'quan (Smith), (Keith) Kirkwood, Austin Carr, our tight ends. I feel like everybody came up with some big plays and big catches in the game today."

On if this offense is better than the 2009 and 2011 offenses:
"I don't want to compare. We had some great runs during those times too. Right now, with the amount of weapons and our ability to run the ball really effectively with our two backs, getting them the ball in space in the passing game as well in addition to all the guys we have to throw to at the tight end and wide receiver position. Obviously, that feels good, but it all starts up front. That group up front is playing so well together, regardless of who is in the lineup. Jermon Bushrod stepped in and did a tremendous job at left tackle today and then throughout the second half we were interchanging guards quite a bit. All those guys really stepped up and played well."

On the offense being able to avoid starting flat and gaining steam each week:
"We focus on the little things that I've been talking about. Our execution, the tempo at which we play, getting in and out of the huddle, up and down, playing fast, making good decisions. If you have positive plays, good things happen."

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