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Quotes from Drew Brees following the divisional round playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles 

Drew Brees spoke to the media following the divisional round playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles  on Sunday, Jan. 13

New Orleans Saints vs Philadelphia Eagles - Divisional Playoff Game - Mercedes-Benz Superdome - Sunday, Jan. 13 - Quarterback Drew Brees

On being focused on the next opportunity:
"Listen, we found a bunch of ways to win during the season. Every game kind of stood alone, but many of them came down to third quarter, fourth quarter, second half type comebacks where it took everybody. It took a big play on defense, a big play on offense, a big play on special teams to turn the tide. They were all great team victories. Looks like that carried over into the playoffs. Obviously we didn't start this game the way we wanted to. They jumped out to a 14-point lead. Listen, we were calm, we were poised. We knew we were going to get things going, but obviously we had to do that quickly. We were able to narrow the gap 14-10 at halftime and I think the turning point was really that 23-play drive in the third quarter that lasted about 11 and half minutes, and really started at our eight-yard line to get a touchdown. I was just told that we actually gained 117 yards on that drive. I don't know if that's a record. The penalties are what set us back. We ran a 117-yard drive in the third quarter to take the lead and then really didn't look back. That was the turning point in the game. I think the crowd was with us all day. They were awesome. Dome field advantage but defense played phenomenal as well. We made enough plays down the stretch to get the win."

On trust with Michael Thomas:
"I've been very fortunate to play with some great ones (receivers.) You spend a lot of time together to develop that trust, that confidence, that chemistry. We've had a couple great ones here in New Orleans, but obviously, the last few years with Mike I've just got so much trust and confidence in him. What you see on gameday is what I see during practice every day. It's not like the guy just turns it on for gameday. He practices that way, every day in practice. That same intensity, attention to detail, and that fire, passion, and competitive drive. We try to put ourselves in those moments during practice and when gameday shows up and you're making those same plays, it's no surprise to us. It certainly doesn't surprise anyone on this team what he's been able to accomplish this year and what he's been able to do today. He's a big time player who wants to be the guy to make plays when you need it most. And he did that today."

On Michael Thomas being the best in the league:
"I think there is certainly an argument. There are a lot of great wide receivers in this league and certainly he should be in the conversation."

On doubling Michael Thomas less than in the first game against Philadelphia:
"I think they were. You go back to the first time we played them here and I think it was a much different gameplan in how they were playing him. We just had to be patient and other guys made plays. His opportunity came towards the end of that game. It was a bit of a different approach today for one reason or another. There were times when he was getting more attention than others, but I would say for the most part (the defense doubled.) You just have to pick and choose your moments and I felt like there were more opportunities today."

On fake punt and momentum:
"We converted two fourth downs on that drive to go down and get our first touchdown of the game. That was huge. Again, special teams played (big) and continued the drive which allows us to go down and get points."

On fourth down call to Kirkwood:
"(I) Just felt like we had a good play. Sure enough, we got the look that we wanted and got the touchdown."

On playing for a risk taker in Sean Payton:
"They're calculated risks. It's not like we're flying by the seat of our pants out there. These are things that we've talked about. These are conversations that we have in critical situations, how is the team playing us now, how is the tempo of the game going. I think we all felt like we needed to step it up. Again, if you don't have a play you like, you don't go for it. But you have a play you like. You got for it and make it happen."

On third and 16 in the third quarter to Michael Thomas:
"It was a huge play. Unfortunately, we had a bunch of penalties that set us back and some other stuff that really put us behind the chains, but it was a big play by him to keep the drive going. Again, (the) turning point in the game, that drive. Just 23 plays and to possess it for 11 and half minutes is pretty much the entire third quarter. It got us the lead which I think, to be down 14 and then all of sudden take the lead in the third quarter, it was just a huge momentum shift and tipping point."

On contributions to penalties on a 117-yard drive including penalties:
"I think we had a couple of holding calls, on both a run plays and pass plays. It was just fundamentals and attention to detail. They're a great pass rush too. They got some guys that can rush the passer."

On slow start:
"It was not the way to start. Call it what you want, I'm not going to say three weeks off. Listen, we had to get some guys healthy and that was the most important thing. That was not the way we wanted to start, but to overcome that I think is the story here

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