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Quotes from Drew Brees Aug. 7 media availability

Drew Brees met with the media following Monday's practice.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees* 2017 Training Camp Presented by Verizon
Monday, August 7, 2017

How important is it to actually win a preseason game?
"I don't think it is reflective of your performance during the regular season. When the starters are in there, you want to perform well. You want to execute well. You don't want there to be mistakes all over the field, mental errors or lack of effort. We are prideful and we play to win. You also need to understand that you only get a fine amount of time when you are out there. A lot of the times you are mixing and matching because you are trying to give some guys rest or trying to keep some guys healthy, or really see what you have in a certain player that makes the team or doesn't make the team. But at the end of the day, does it make you feel good to win, yeah it feels good to win. But that is not a record that reflects on anyone's stat sheet at the end of their career."

On the sense of how the defense is performing?
"I feel like the energy's been high and I feel like we're starting to install more and more defenses. There's a confidence level that's going up with things that they're doing. As you know, defensive football has so many factors when it comes to that. Especially when you are talking specially about pass defense or how well we are getting pressure on the quarterback. The combination of the two results is how good you can be overall in that area. I feel like we have had some good battles as camp is going on here and we need to have more of those. I am excited to play this first preseason game and I'm excited to go to Los Angeles and scrimmage those guys. There is still a lot of football left in this preseason as we continue to sharpen."

How does the satellite packages give you guys opportunities with those types of players coming out of the backfield?
"It gives us a ton of versatility and it is a match-up issue for defenses. It definitely changes the thought process or something they have to have a plan for. You can potentially take advantage of some good match-ups there."

Did you talk to Brett Favre when you guys signed Zach Line?
"No, I didn't. I know guys that have played with him. As I have seen guys throughout the offseason, nothing but great things have been said about him. I have played (in) some Pro Bowls with him. I knew his level on intensity, because even in the Pro-Bowl it can be kind of chill there in the beginning. His level of intensity when he was running the ball is far beyond what was the typical tempo. You could tell the type of player and mentality he had when he steps between the lines, it doesn't matter whether it's a preseason game, playoff game or the Pro-Bowl."

Do you think (Adrian Peterson's) presence has at all raised the level of intensity for the other guys?
"I think it sets the tone. I think he has a presence, I mean guys look at that, they respect that. The guy's a future Hall of Famer. He's been one of the best backs in this league for a long time. Guys see his level of work ethic and when guys see how he approaches practice, especially that garners a lot of attention and respect. That definitely elevates everyone around him."

How much say do you have in regards to playing time Thursday at Cleveland?
"I do whatever Sean Payton decides in regards to the playing time. Each year the objective might be a little different. There was a time here when we were earlier in the program here that we were more to the script of the traditional first preseason game a quarter, second preseason game two quarters, so on and so forth. I think as we have gone along here you just have to pay attention to your roster and the veteran guys, who you want to give rest to and who you want to see more from, and more reps and that type of thing. I'm always ready to play and it is just a matter of Sean and the rest of the coaching staff as they put together what that is going to look like. If they feel like it is necessary or something that they would rather other guys get more reps."

What is it about Michael Thomas' slant route that is so hard to defend?
"There are a lot of things that are hard to defend with Mike. He's a physical guy. He plays with violence, especially when guys come to play him on a bump and run. I don't think they realize how strong he is."

How much do you think catch radius is due to his success (Michael Thomas)?
"It definitely is. He has big strong hands and he attacks the ball. So wherever you throw it, he is going to get the ball, he is not going to wait for it to come to him"

What kind of progression have you seen from Travin Dural*?*
"He has done well. This system is a lot to pick up, especially for a young guy early on, but he is definitely a talented guy and I've seen him make some plays and for most receivers it's just when they know what to do and they can just play fast and play with confidence the better they play and so I think he's definitely had his moments where you see it begin to click and he's doing some things very well."

What can a preseason game do for a young player's confidence?
"I think if you can take what we have practiced and transition that to the game field, in regards to execution and being fundamentally sound and sound with the scheme and that kind of thing. That's something that reinforces what you're doing on the practice field. You go out and have success on Sundays with it then you say, wow everything we've been doing that carried over, maybe it was something that a guy's been working on all offseason and into the preseason and gets into a game and it becomes more second nature or there is a confidence level that comes along with it and that just continues to build."

What was the frustration I saw when Kenny Vaccaro hit your arm?
"That happened a few times in that period and it's competitive. It was a third down period so you are keeping score and it is competitive. Obviously you have rules for safety purposes. You don't want guys hitting your arm when you're throwing that's not smart or safe. When it happens (and) I understand it's going to from time to time which it did. Whatever we can do to move on."


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