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Quotes from Aaron Glenn's training camp media availability - July 27

New Orleans Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn speaks to the media following the second day of training camp on July 27, 2018

Look at photos from Day 2 of New Orleans Saints Training Camp 2018 presented by Verizon at Ochsner Sports Performance Center on July 27, 2018.

New Orleans Saints Secondary Coach Aaron Glenn - 2018 Training Camp Presented by Verizon - Friday, July 27, 2018.

What's it like being head coach for a day?
"A lot of organizing. A lot of staying up at night and making sure you get everything situated, but you know what? I enjoy it. I've had some coaches before me that have prepared me to be there at some point to get a chance to do this. I just hope at some point it happens. But I'm just enjoying being a secondary coach and whatever they need me to do I'm here to do it."

What are your thoughts on what you saw out there today?
"I'll tell you what, defensively, those guys are flying around. (They) made a lot of plays. Actually, they told us that if they get two turnovers then the coaches have to run and we went out and ran. So, I told them I would be willing to run every day if we continue to play like that. I thought it was outstanding. Offensively, we had too many balls probably knocked down today from our quarterback. So I'm sure we get that fixed."

What have you seen from Marcus Williams this offseason?
"The thing about Marcus is he is the ultimate warrior. He's going to work no matter what. And the thing that's also good about him, is he's quick to forget bad plays and go on to the next thing. I know everyone talked about the Minnesota play, but you know what? After it happened he was down in the dumps, but then he forgot about it and it's on to this year and ready to play."

What are your thoughts on Ken Crawley?
"The thing about Crawley, Crawley's come a long way. From an undrafted rookie to being able to start in this league, that's not easy to do. He's one of a kind that I think can do that, along with I think Chris Harris. He is another one that did it, too. Guys that can come in and play like that, there is something about them that lets you know they'll be around for a long time. So I see Crawley playing in this league 10-plus years regardless if he's a starter or not a starter. But his work ethic, his will to win, he's going to play in this league for a long time and he's showing you that."

What does Kurt Coleman add to this group?
"A veteran presence, a guy that's been there, a guy that's won some games. If you just see him talk to the defense, you'll see for yourself what he brings. Guys trust him, and when you got a guy like that on your team that's been around for a long time, that understands what winning looks like, that only helps you."

How does the secondary take that next step after such a great year?
"By the things we're doing today. Working. You take the next steps by working. Nothing beats the work ethic, nothing beats being able to come out here every day in this heat and preparing to win. And those guys try to do that."

How much are you looking forward to the one-on-ones against the receivers?
"Listen, I look forward to practice. Doesn't matter if we're doing one-on-ones, doesn't matter if we're doing special teams. Just a chance to come out here and coach these guys and see us continue to improve, that's what I look forward to."

Is there any competition between the coaches such as you and Curtis Johnson?
"CJ [Curtis Johnson] and I are always going to compete, that's just who we are. He is coaching the receivers, I'm coaching the DBs. Anytime you have that type of magnitude going on, not only are the players going to compete, but we're going to compete. My thing about competing is that there's a two-way street between coaches and players. We have to compete to prepare them. They've got to get ready to execute and have a win mentality. That's what we try to do."

How is Arthur Maulet progressing?
"He is definitely progressing. One thing that Arthur has done is, not only is he playing nickel, but he's also playing some outside corner. But we want to focus on him playing a nickel position. He's definitely improving."

Is that something he couldn't handle mentally last year as a rookie or is it something he had to grow into?
"When he was a rookie last year. He was a young guy that didn't play a lot of different coverages in college. Sometimes even for the guys coming from a big school, it takes a while for that jump. But the thing about Maulet, he buckled down and tried to learn every day and I'm proud of him for that."

Have you noticed more cohesion among the guys after spending so much time in the offseason together in the secondary?
"There's something about this group that they tend to hang out, they tend to love each other, they tend to want to compete against each other on who's going to make plays and that's a rarity among this league, especially in the offseason when they work out together like that. Anytime you get a chance to get a group like that, that's a special deal. I think these guys have a special bond. I'm proud of that."

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