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Q-A with MLB Jonathan Vilma


Q: How do you feel about the timing of that game, given the result yesterday and having to adjust to London?

A: I don't think the timing's that bad. I think we would have been a whole lot better off if we had won in Carolina and was getting ready for San Diego. We have the bye week after this, so it's not like we have to get back to the states and immediately get ready for another game. We have some time off. The injuries, unfortunately it is what it is for us as a team. We've been battling that all year. I don't think this trip makes it any better or worse.

Q: Did you watch game film on the plane or focus on the Carolina game at all on the plane?

A: I just slept really. The flight was long and it was better to try to take your mind off of what had happened. Of course we're going to watch the film and get the corrections. We just wanted to get some rest on the plane and get over here and get acclimated to London.

Q: What's your impression of the facilities here so far?

A: It's been very nice. The hotel's very nice. The rooms are very nice. We went outside on the field and even though it was a drizzly day, the field held up well as we were running around out there. Right now, my impressions are great. They're fantastic.

Q: How does it feel to represent the league in another country?

A: It feels great. When we knew we were going to London at the start of the season, we were honored and flattered that they picked us and San Diego to be the hosts of the NFL in Europe in London. That's great for us. We know that last year, the team that won ended up winning the Super Bowl. We hope we can repeat that success.

Q: How tough is it to avoid distractions leading up to the game?

A: We know we're still here for business to get ready for San Diego. We have meeting rooms and the film room set up, practices set up. We know what we're here for. At the beginning of the week, we had those days where we could go out and about the city and sightsee and things like that. As the week closes out and winds down, we have to focus more on San Diego.

Q: Is there anything in particular you want to check out tomorrow?

A: No, to be honest with you. I just want to get out of the hotel for a little while and check out some sights.

Q: Have you ever been here?

A: No, this is my first time?

Q: After that game yesterday, a week before you talked about the defense developing a mentality of not giving up 100 yards rushing or 100 yards passing, what are your feelings after that game and what do you think happened?

A: My feelings after the game were disappointment. I was disappointed in not just the defense, just overall performance. We didn't execute the way we wanted to. I think what caused our performance on the defensive side was third down. I didn't think we got down the field enough on third down. I thought we gave up one too many big plays. We gave up the long touchdown pass to Steve Smith. We gave up the long touchdown run to (Jonathan) Stewart. Those were the things uncharacteristic of us the last couple weeks. It wasn't anything they schemed us on. We didn't play the ball well enough on the long bomb. We gave up 100 and change in the running game in the running game in that one long drive in the fourth quarter. We're actually shutting them down pretty well and then on a third down they get a first down and get three more downs throwing the ball. When you look at it and put it in perspective, if we correct some of those things as far as the long plays to Steve Smith and the long runs, we played pretty good defense.

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