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Q&A with Bucs Head Coach Raheem Morris

    <span>              <span style="">Q: Do you think things are going in the right direction after an impressive win in Seattle?</span>                 

A: "Things went in the right direction that day. We've got a great task coming here with (the Saints). I'm looking forward to the matchup. (The Saints) are angry, like you should be off of a loss, that you haven't done all this year. We'll have a great offensive football team as well as a pretty good defensive football team that's getting better and better every week to get out there and reprove themselves. I'm sure it will be a great divisional game and we'll have fun."

Q: What kinds of changes have you made to the defense since you last played the Saints?

A: "I'm not going to tell you that. You're going to tell Sean (Payton)."

Q: If I was watching tape over the last few weeks what would I have seen?

A: "We've played with a little bit more aggressive style. The guys were having a little bit more fun, going out there and putting a little bit more effort into it. They're doing what we've been doing. We're trying to do it a little bit better."

Q: Is there anything you saw in the Cowboys game that you can take away and implement in this game?

A: "The Cowboys had an impressive day. They caught the Saints in uncharacteristic positions where they were able to get to the quarterback, which has never really been done since Coach (Payton) has been there and they took advantage of it that. They were able to get to Drew Brees. They got a couple of great players out there, the Cowboys as well that kind of helped with that. I don't have a DeMarcus Ware to beat someone one on one off the edge and make those types of plays. You just have to be yourself and we have to do what we can do and try to do what we can do the best we can."

Q: Do you expect an angry team in the Saints on Sunday?

A: "The Saints are always angry. It's a division rivalry. It's a very good football team, a mentally tough coach, a guy (Brees) that loves to play, is a passionate guy and I'm sure they're looking to rebound on Sunday, looking to get back on the winning side and get hot for the playoffs."

Q: One of your coaches or players said that the Seattle game was good but that this will be a good gauge to see where you guys are progressing?

A: "Anytime you're playing a team as talented and as well-coached as the Saints, talking from top to bottom with Sean Payton all the way to his coordinators to (offensive line coach) Aaron Kromer, to everybody out there, you're talking about playing against a high-caliber team. To be in a position to win in this league you have to compete with these types of teams and these types of guys. That's what we meant, or I meant or whoever said it meant when you talk about playing against guys like the Saints."

Q: The Saints talk, especially when they were undefeated about how they're going to see everybody's best game and for some of the teams out of the playoff race it's like a playoff game for them. Is there any truth to that from your perspective?

A: "It's the Saints game. You have to be fired up about playing the Saints. It's a big-time division rival first of all. It's one where it's been back and forth over the years. The Saints have the edge the last time we played. We got them when they came out here last year. It's just one of those situations because it's going to be explosive. It's going to be dynamic and hopefully we can come out on top. It's tough to do when you play a team like this, so for us it's always a high impact type of atmosphere and playoff type of game. It's just the nature of the beast and the nature of the division."

Q: Can you talk about the relationship between Kellen Winslow and Josh Freeman that's developed?

A: "Winslow's been nothing but positive with the things he's done since he's been here. He's just helped a young man develop and a young man get comfortable finding him underneath. We were able to open up a couple of things the week before with Antonio Bryant deep and that provided some more opportunities for Winslow last week and he was able to capitalize. Those three guys in addition to some other guys that are coming on like the Maurice Stovalls' and Jeramy Stevens' and our running game getting better, those are the types of things that help the offense get better, similar to what you guys have done out there in Saints land. You guys have been know for your dominant passing game for the last couple of years, but this year, you really stepped up your game in your efforts on the run and it's really coming together."

Q: How do you respond to people that say this is a meaningless game for Tampa Bay?

A: "Those are obviously people not coaching in the NFL. People that play this game like it's meaningless, they don't stay in this league. In this league you're guaranteed 16 opportunities and it's your responsibility to go out there and be your best self in all 16 of them in order to try to compete in this league. Winning is a habit. Once you develop that habit amongst your people, players, organization, you can go out and do it. Until you develop that habit you have no chance. You might as well catch it in and we're not cashing it in and we're in the business of going out there and giving it our best efforts."

Q: Do any of your players have to be reminded of it?

A: "I don't have to remind these guys. They're all young. They're all hungry to be here. They all understand that this is a not for long league. Every time they go out there is there chance to put themselves on tape."

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