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Q&A with Atlanta Falcons RB Michael Turner

            <span style="">Q: Do you think you can get back on the field this week?</span>                

A: I'm still up in the air, fighting to get back day by day.

Q: The last time you faced the Saints you were one of the first of a few running backs to have some success against them. Is there anything you can attribute that to?

A: No. We just had a great week of preparation and we just had the attitude of being able to run and pass. We have to be able to match the offensive firepower. It was a tough challenge for us. We matched it on the ground, but just didn't come up with the W.

Q: What's the attitude of the team right now with four weeks to go and the chance to make a playoff run? Does it feel like you have to win every game?

A: Yes, that's something we've been trying to do. Things just haven't been going our way this year. We're still fighting, taking it one week at a time.

Q: Did you feel like you let one slip away when you were down here a month ago?

A: It goes down to the wire. It's the NFL. Every game is pretty much a close game. You just have to make one or two more plays and the roles would be reversed.

Q: Has not making those one or two plays been the story of your season?

A: We move on so much I don't really think about the story of the season. We just go on and forget about the last game win or lose, just go on to the next game and play and figure it out at the end of the season.

Q: Has it been a frustrating year for you personally?

A: It's been frustrating with the injuries I've had and not being able to help my team out every week, but that's been the most frustrating part about it.

Q: Did you feel like you had turned things around before this most recent injury after watching film of last year?

A: Yes, I had gotten on a little bit of a roll there. It wasn't just me. The offense as a whole was playing better football. Unfortunately the thing happened with me with the injury. That's part of the game. You just have to deal with it and move on.

Q: You are kind of new to the Saints rivalry, but would it be special to knock the Saints from the ranks of the unbeatens?

A: We're just trying to get a win. We need a win bad and the Saints happen to be the next team on our schedule.

Q: There's nothing special to facing a 12-0 team?

A: No. We're just in our own situation over here.

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