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Preseason Game 4 Quotes: Sean Payton

See what Sean Payton had to say after the Saints' preseason game against the Ravens.

(on evaluating the QB play throughout the preseason)
"I thought Chase (Daniel) early on [played well], I thought tonight he wasn't as good. We'll see the film. We tried to get both Ryan (Nassib) and Garrett (Grayson) some work. I thought Ryan had moments he looked pretty good, and Garrett the same way, but we'll have a chance as a staff to go through it all and look closely at what we want to do with that position much like we would these others."

(on his message for the team going into the tough decisions of making cuts)
"It's the first time that I can ever recall that we have 90 or 91 guys in there and not 75 so just the appreciation; guys were into it and it was important for our guys tonight. Many of these guys started this spring, most of them with the offseason program, lifting, OTA's and all of that. So, it's always though when you come close to the end here where this team will be and they'll be a lot of changes here in the next two or three days and a lot of things we will look closely at."

(on Chase Daniel's playing time)
"The plan was into the second quarter, I wanted to get him another drive, but the plan was going to be somewhere into the second quarter. We do that a lot where we just are going to see where are at rep wise."

(on Al-Quadin Muhammad)
"I think we've got a pretty good young class. He has done some good things and yet there are some things he has to really improve on. It is going to be important for him to play early in the kicking game and coverage units. I thought by-and-large we covered decent tonight. Our return game, still we are struggling, and then we struggled really getting anything going offensively late in the game."

(on his initial thoughts on linebacker Adam Bighill from where he was standing and the depth at linebacker and how it affects him)
"We'll look at it [game tape], but from where I was standing it's kind of hard to see Adam from where he is standing. I don't know that we are as deep there [linebacker position] as you think and I say that because often it's hard for you to see what we're thinking. I say that with all understanding that you're out there watching these practices, but we've been nicked up there a little bit and of course, we'd love to have Steph (Stephone Anthony) out there but he has been nicked up. Adam is one of those guys that moves around and I'm sure he is going to be one of those decisions we weigh heavily on his involvement in special teams, but every day he is coming to work and playing hard and you appreciate that."

(on the linebacker position being rotated a lot and if he leaves here knowing who his starters are)
"We'll see. I have got a pretty good idea who our starters are going to be. (But) I am not sure right now I could tell you the whole depth (chart) at that position. Does that make sense? So, we have a couple options."

(on putting more weight into guys who have been here all spring leading through this game versus a guy who's had a good game)
"I think you try to. I think you really have to look at the good game in a favorable way, but the game that's not as good as more of a body of work, if that makes any sense. Certainly, I have seen guys help themselves in this last game and play their way onto a roster and I think that is a good thing. I am always mindful of not coming to a certain judgement if they maybe didn't play as well, but it will be the body of work. We do a good job of really paying attention to and grading every snap and going through every snap meticulously and we'll do that the same with these other teams in the preseason. That is the bigger picture and that is a little bit more challenging (in that) it's not just this roster. The mistake often times is just looking into your position room and trying to stack it up and that is the thing that is hard to explain."

(on what he saw on the blocked field goal)
"I know it was a low kick so the timing was off. We'll look at the snap and the hold, but I don't believe it was a protection issue. I thought the kick never got five feet off the ground, honestly, from just looking at it live and not seeing it in replay."

(on the recovery tent at training camp and how much he thinks that helps the guys prepare)
"It's hard to measure. I think, ultimately, we are trying to look closely at all these different ways to help guys recover when you are stressed in a training camp setting and a lot of things we do. I don't like that we put it on video, necessarily, but I think it is something that has helped."

(on if all cuts will be done on one day)
"Probably not, it will probably be in the next few days."

(on the play Arthur Maulet made and if that is the type of play he mentioned that the team needs to help the kicking game)
"I don't know that it's just one play, but, obviously, it's a good play. That is what you are hoping to see. I've seen a key break for a return. I've seen it every year where someone gets a kick or a punt return and they get that opportunity, but yes, I think he played hard. I know he was out for a minute and he came back into the game and that was encouraging."

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