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Preseason Game 4 Quotes: Saints Players

Saints Players Quotes

Linebacker Adam Bighill

(on evaluating his performance tonight on defense)
"It is never a perfect performance, but that is what you are aiming for. I definitely feel like I was able to go out there, make some plays, play fast, and communicate. There are always things that you want to clean up and do better the second time around, but I feel like I played pretty well. The guys around me played really well. It helps when you have 11 guys on defense flying to the ball and trying to make plays."

(on if he deserves to make the team)
"I am not going to say anything on behalf of the staff and what they want to do with me. I did the best that I could out there. I floated, flying around and made plays. At the end of the day, I gave it all I had. I know I can play in this league and elp this team win. I hope that I have the opportunity to do so."

Cornerback Arthur Maulet

(on how he feels about his play)
"I am feeling pretty good. I made some plays out there. I still have a lot of things to clean up. Hopefully, I make this team on special teams."

(on if he was frustrated missing time during the preseason)
"It's very frustrating. I wanted to play for my team and city. It was frustrating, but I had to get out there and make a play."

(on playing in his hometown)
"It's a blessing. I wouldn't ask for anything more. The coaching staff and my teammates, they have been in my ear that I am hard-working and just keep doing what I'm doing, and I'll make a play. I did that tonight. I am ery thankful for the opportunity that I had here."

(on causing a fumble)
"I just speed-released outside, like my special teams coach told me to do and stack him. He didn't wait for a fair catch. And, I just went for the ball. That was it."

Defensive End Al-Quadin Muhammad

(on if he has shown enough to make the roster)
"Absolutely. Every day in practice, I go out there and give it my all and work hard. I try to bring that same intensity into the game."

(on needing to improve on special teams play)
"I just feel like (I need to work) on all areas, as far as special teams. I just need to do better and improve."

(on what he has learned)
"I actually learned a lot, being able to play the run and locking into what coach (Payton) is teaching us and what he wants us to do; and actually going out on the field and executing what I am being taught throughout the week."

Quarterback Ryan Nassib

(on making the team)
"It's a waiting game. It always is for a bunch of players. There is not much else that you can do."

(on evaluating his performance with the team)
"(Just) Like tonight, I think I had some ups and downs. I definitely experienced some growing pains with the new system. It was definitely some good and some bad."

(on playing in the second half)
"It was exciting to get out there and play. Anytime that you get a chance to play, you are excited to (do that). I thought that we did some good things. I've got to do better in the red zone, situational football and stuff like that. That could have led to some points."

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