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Preseason Game 4 Quotes: Baltimore Ravens

Transcripts of postgame interviews with Baltimore Ravens head coach and players


(Opening Statement)
"Good win. (It is) Good to be 4-0. That is always the goal of a football game. There are a lot of things in preseason we try to accomplish, but one of them are always going to be winning games. Our guys did that. I'm really happy for defense. Young guys at the end that stepped up and made the stops they needed to make in the fourth quarter, Cover guys and get pressure on the quarterback at the end. Those are all guys that will be playing for us this year so it was good to see that. Now we'll get on a plane, get back, and get organized for Cincinnati."

(on Marlon Humphrey's play tonight)
"It looked like he played well. I saw a lot of good coverage. I saw press corner (play). I saw him get the ball out on a nine route down on the right side that was really good. I saw a couple of times where he was a little looser than I wanted him to be in press but that is part of the game. I thought he played well. I saw a big hit that caused a fumble. The turnovers were good for us. Carl's (Davis) was an amazing interception. Marlon had the big hit. I think Patrick (Ricard) had the recovery. A lot of that is just a function of running to the football. (I'm) disappointed in our turnovers. If it wasn't for those two turnovers I don't know that they would have scored. That is something we've got to clean up. That and penalties in the offense."

(on Bam Bradley)
"It's good that you noticed (he's quick on the ball). He's been doing it on defense and he's really been doing it on special teams. He's had some really good special teams (moments). He did it again today. He had a tackles on the punt and kickoff coverage. He's played well. He's not the only one that can start. I think Donald Payne came in with a hamstring (injury) but he came back and had a good game, had a good week. A lot of good young players."

(on how well Tim Williams has built up and improved through the preseason)
"I think he played well tonight. I think getting the pressure at the end was big. He was working hard. He did a pretty good job playing the run. He had a couple of mishaps but after that he cleaned it up pretty well. That's what you want to see. A guy (who can) correct his own mistakes, especially throughout the course of the game. He played well. It was good to see."

(on how beneficial this game is for the young player)
"For the guys that play the whole game, to come through healthy, obviously, is very important. We only had four defensive backs I think, maybe five. All of those defensive backs were playing all of the defensive reps and the special teams reps after Sheldon (Price) went down. I think it's beneficial for all of those guys to play. They're not necessarily going to take that number of reps in the regular season when all the other guys are out there, but that's the value of the preseason for those young guys to gain that kind of experience."

(on decision to be made after preseason)
"We'll (evaluate players from other teams that get cut) a little bit. Our scouts are on that. They do a great job. I trust them to do that. I'm sure they'll show us a player or two, but right now coaches will be focusing on (our game against) Cincinnati. Cincinnati is really what we want to work on."

(on how difficult he anticipates the cut to a 53-man roster to be)
"We have a lot of tough decisions. We'll have to look at the tape a little bit. It also depends on other factors. Numbers, positions, special teams will be a big part of it, and where we have to fill the gap for injuries. Not just making the fiftythree but making the sixty-three with the practice squad players. I think that's a pretty darn good accomplishment to make the practice squad in this league. There will be a lot of jostling. Teams trying to grab players that get released, so it will be crazy from the scouting part."

NT Carl Davis

(on last time he had interception)
"High school. I actually ran that in for a touchdown. I wasn't able to do that tonight."

(on if he thought he was going to score on his interception)
"I kind of saw daylight, but then the quarterback came out of nowhere. I just wanted to make sure I didn't fumble. I was going to try to get there, but I got cut down. So it was what it was."

(on how last preseason ended for him compared to this one)
"Yes, definitely when I first came here I was thinking how last year I was in the locker room just watching. It kind of got me fired up and I'm like 'hey I am going to go out here and make some plays, just play hard as I can tonight.' That's what I did. I was blessed to be able to do what I did tonight and come out heel deep. And I was very grateful for the opportunity."

(on how far ahead he was compared to last year)
"As far as healthwise, yes. I feel I have a long way to go. I feel like I can get a lot better. So, I am going to continue to do that. Training camp was good, but like I said we can be better. I need to be able to complement the guys in front of me and make them compete even more. We have some great defensive lineman right now. Even the whole defensive line. We push each other every day. It's fun playing with those guys."

(on defensive line depth)
"That's something I think about every day. (I) Wake up in the morning thinking about it. I am trying to make the team, so is everybody else. At the end of the day, you just have to go out there and play football and give it your all. I just kind of think like 'hey it's not really in my hands.' I just have to do what I do. Whatever choices that coach and the GMs make is fine."

(on final impression)
"I have some things that I can clean up still though. I feel like I should have had two sacks out there that I left out there. Just trying to push myself to get better. Interception was cool, but I feel like I could have made more plays, so that's what I'm going to focus on now."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on first extensive action)
"I feel like it went pretty good. We held on right there at the end and were able to win the game, so it went pretty well." (on how he felt with first extensive action) "It felt okay. I have to clean some things up. As far as the things that can be worked on. Playing the deep ball, the deep part of the field, I think I did that well. I didn't do as good as I wanted to do. At the beginning, with my hands on, things like that. But finishing plays, I think I did well on that. So, I think I walked away pretty pleased with the first one." (on seeing game action to gain confidence) "I'm the guy that definitely wanted to get some games, especially if you can play a game before the season starts. Kind of a difference between college to the NFL. I do feel a lot better that I got a little game time."

(On run support)
"That was one of the things that I wanted to try to focus on, just make a play. I just wanted to make some type of play today. Get one early, get a few during the game. I was real happy that I was able to make a play, get that excitement going again that I haven't had for a while."

(On his big hit)
"I kind of saw it before it happened. I told the outside linebacker 'make sure you stay wide' because I was going to fit inside and they ran the play that I kind of had the idea that they were going to run, so I just saw him coming. I kind of get happy when I see things like that. So, it was definitely a play that I like to make."

(On if the hit was impact play)
"Definitely, I think so. Especially if you can start a game off like that I think it kind of gets everybody going. Whether you make the play or somebody else does, you see that happen and a turnover like that at the beginning of the game can always get a team going, (it) can boost the whole team, offense and defense." RB Taquan Mizell

(on 4-0 preseason and his first preseason)
"It's always good when you win games, finishing off strong, we got the win. All you can ask for is an undefeated preseason" (on if he was nervous today) "Maybe a little in the beginning, once you start playing it kind of goes away and you just have to realize what happens, happens, let God take control and play your game and just see what happens.

(on how he feels after today)
"I don't have any regrets. I think I played the best I could. You just have to hope that you got the attention of the right people and you just have to see what happens next" (on if it will be an anxious next 36 hours) "Definitely. This is my dream right here. It kind of crazy, but we'll see what happens." NT Patrick Ricard (on if it was his first blocked field goal ever) " I got a couple (before this). It was awesome to get it tonight (though). It was a great feeling, (the) feeling that ball hit my hand and stopping a field goal."

(on final impression)
"It's good to finish camp strong, now it's up to the coaches to decide what's going to happen to me here. I am just proud of what I did. I am proud of my teammates tonight, too. Finish off with a win. 4-0. It was good."

(on depth of defensive line)
"Everyone is great here. There is so much depth. Everyone is so nice about getting each other better .I think everyone is playing really well in OTA's, minicamp and training camp now. It's going to be a tough decision for the coaches for sure. Whoever makes the squad here, I feel like everyone is going to be on a team regardless. I am proud of everybody."

(On next 36 hours)
"I can't control that. Just keep doing what I have to do the next couple of days to get ready for if the coaches want to keep me here or not. We'll see but I can't control it so I am not going to be too nervous about it."

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