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Preseason Game 3 Quotes: Saints Players

Transcripts of New Orleans Saints players' postgame interviews.

SAINTS QB DREW BREES Does that show what Ted Ginn Jr. can bring to the offense based on that first play while weaving through the field?
"I hope so. That was pretty impressive. In the past you'll see that thing and get it to the sideline and get vertical down the sideline for a little bit but rarely do you see it where he was able to find a lane and cut back. Really an unbelievable effort on his part to find that cutback and make as big a play as he did. Then later we had a screen to him where he did another nice job just not meeting his way through blockers and got started after that. Ted had a pretty good night on a couple of those plays."

What have you seen these last three games in regards to the defense?
"They are playing with a lot of confidence. They're really finding their bread and butter and the things that they're really good at. Obviously they put a lot of time and effort into the installation and coaching technique. We have some guys now that have a couple of years in the system that feel more comfortable. I think it's a combination of all those things. I feel like we create a pretty competitive environment with offense and defense and try to put ourselves in a bunch of different situations where we have to compete and there's stuff at stake."

I'm sure you wanted at least one touchdown drive tonight. How do you feel coming out of that one?
"We were close. I wish we would have but I would say the first three drives we had opportunities certainly and then the next two we came up a little bit short to sustain those drives. But all in all I thought it was alright and there are definitely some things we can to clean up."


On his first preseason game
"It felt good. I was looking forward to it. It's a good opportunity to get out there as an offense and test things out. We wanted to see how things were going to flow. I think it was a good test for the coaches as well."

On the chemistry
"I feel like the chemistry is coming together. It didn't look all good, but I know there are some good things on film. Just looking on the sidelines on the run plays, it seems like we are just one block away. I feel like we are going to be able to correct a lot of things on film."

On if he's ready for the regular season
"I'm ready. I'm just trying to stay focused and keep working. We have two weeks until we start up. I'm just trying to stay focused and relaxed."

"It was great to get some game action in. It was great to be able to run the ball and get hit a little bit. I was hoping we would be able to accomplish more, but it was a good start."

On his block in the back
"I do not understand that call. I was running at the guy. Right when I went to block him, he turned his back at me. I was surprised when I saw the flag on the field. We had a great first play. Ted (Ginn Jr.) reversed field and I tried to get a block for him. It nullified that big play a little bit."

SAINTS WR TED GINN JR. On the first play
"I just try to go out and do what I do. They called my number and I was just trying to show my teammates that I can still play in this league."

On his play tonight
"I had the opportunity to showcase what I can do. I just wanted to show the team what I still have. It was a blessing to go out there and jumpstart our engine like that. At the end of the day, we all have to go look at the film and correct the things that we did bad, harp on the things that we did good and keep getting better as a team."

SAINTS DE CAMERON JORDAN On the defense's performance so far this preseason
"We're cultivating the right mentality three games in. I think we're showing some promise three preseason games in. We have a lot of things we need to work on and clean up. We have to keep pushing. I feel like we have a lot of talent on our defensive line and I'm excited to see how it shakes out."

On getting off the field on third down
"It's definitely something that we stress in practice. It's great when it comes to fruition in the games. We still have a lot to clean up. We have to communicate and get on the right page. Hopefully, it will bode well for us in the future."

On the shutout giving confidence
"It's preseason, so you take it for what it is. Our love the way our defensive backs are playing and how our linebackers are rallying. The communication seems to be getting clearer every game."


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