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Preseason Game 3 quotes: New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton

See what Sean Payton had to say after the Saints' preseason game against the Texans.

Opening Statement
"Just looking at the start of the game, I thought we did some good things defensively. Obviously, we were able to keep them off the board and challenge our special teams. With regards to our coverage unit, I think for the most part in the kicking game we were penalty-free. Offensively, we had the one field goal. We didn't get much going early. I'm sure there will be a ton of things we have to correct and these guys will be back in on Monday."

On what things, defensively, he's liked throughout preseason so far
"We've been getting off the field on third downs. One of the things we have worked on this week were those longer yardage situations. I thought there were a handful of things we did well. We knew when (Deshaun) Watson came into the game, one of the keys was to try to keep him in the pocket. We saw a little bit of him during the week in practice. He's someone that's got a lot of poise and you can see that in his snaps."

On Alex Anzalone
"Going into the game we knew he was going to play close to the first half. Our goal was to play both sides of the ball well into the second quarter depending on how it was going through the half. We'll look at the tape tomorrow and watch him both in the base and the nickel and see how he plays the run and the pass, but that was part of the plan."

On quarterback pressure
"Sometimes it came from a pressure look. Sometimes it came from a fourman rush. It always helps your back end if you're getting that kind of pressure. That's something we're constantly working on. When the season starts that's going to be important. Hopefully, watching the tape, we'll see guys winning their one-on-one battles but there were a few snaps that were either through pressure or an unblocked player."

On playing three members of the 2017 draft class in prominent roles tonight: Marshon Lattimore, Marcus Williams and Alex Anzalone
"Every year you're going to have a new draft class. We've got to be able to put out the guys that we believe deserve to be out there. The team in the locker room counts on that. To their credit, they are guys (that) have picked things up. They are quick studies. (Ryan) Ramczyk didn't go tonight, but those other players you mentioned are guys that are taking the installation fairly quickly and that's one of the key parts to the evaluation, does the player know what to do? If you can't answer yes to that, it's hard for him to have success."

On Adrian Peterson tonight
"Overall, I think he and Mark (Ingram) had some decent opportunities. There was not anything flashy happening with the offense early on. We had an opportunity the first drive we had a third down and missed a throw. The next series we get the field goal. Nothing exceptional and when we watch the tape we'll get a better chance to evaluate it."

On if he had offered support to Houston during Hurricane Harvey
"We had talked to them already through the week, if they needed facilities or to stay longer. I'm sure they have a great plan in place."

On offensive is improving
"In the first half (they did) just okay. Not up to our standards. The games can vary according to how they're being played. It's good defense you're seeing, but I think there's still a lot of work for us to do with regards to our timing. There's still a lot for us to work on."


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