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Preseason Game 3 Quotes: Houston Texans

Transcripts of postgame interviews with Houston Texans head coach and players

Check out the Saints-Texans action from preseason game 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.


Opening Statement
"They (the defense) did a good job. I thought the defense and special teams did a good job. We did not coach well and play well on offense tonight. We have a lot of ground to make up there. There were too many penalties, illegal formations, 12 men in the huddle twice, delay of game…It was bad ball. So, I have to do a better job. We all have to do a better job offensively. We will. We will do a better job."

On the performance of the defense
"I haven't watched the film. It's hard to talk any depth about anything when you haven't watched the tape. It looked like we tackled well. It looked like we stopped the run well. They (the Saints) moved the ball on us. We held up (well) in the red area. That was good to see. We held them to a field goal attempt. So, it was good. Again, I have to watch the tape."

On the offense
"We were just a little bit uneven. We moved the ball a little bit, but not good enough. It's preseason. We've got to learn from it and we have to move on."

On missing key players
"You can't use that as an excuse, but we are not at full strength. There is no doubt about that. We have to get back to practice and fix some of the things that happened here. It is not a lot of game planning that goes on in these games. They (Saints) executed better defensively than we executed offensively, obviously. So, we have to learn from it and do a better job."

On the team's travel plans
"I think that we are going to head to Dallas. We are not going to be able to get back to Houston tonight. We are just hearing that the roads are underwater there. We are praying for everybody there. We're in touch with our families. It's tough. Mother Nature's undefeated. We will make plans, probably, to head to Dallas and go from there for the rest of the week."

On how long the team will be in Dallas
"No idea about anything, other than our plane is probably headed to Dallas. That is the only thing that I know."

On the defense playing well against Drew Brees in the joint practice on Thursday
"He had his plays. He has thrown for 66,000 yards in his career. He made some plays in practice. I thought we did some decent things. We got a lot out of the joint practices. We were able to, on both sides of the ball and on special teams, I felt like we improved. Obviously, offensively, it didn't show tonight. We'll move on from there."

On Bruce Ellington
"He's been good. He has been a good addition. He's a tough guy. He's quick He's got good playing strength. He makes plays. He's got good hands. He's smart. He has picked up the offense, for the little time that he has been here. He's been somebody who has played well offensively for us."

On where the team will practice in Dallas
"I don't know the ins and outs of that…I'm sure that there are plenty of places. I'm sure that the Cowboys, we can probably work with them to use their facility. I'm sure that they will let us do that. I am not privy to that information right now. I just know that we are headed to Dallas."

QB Tom Savage

On their performance tonight
"We didn't score."

On the team going straight to Dallas
"A lot of the guys want to be back with our families, praying everyone is safe back home. Unfortunate thing, but we are thinking about the people back home more than us. We have people back home to worry about."

On the offensive line
"I think they did a great job. There was some communication pain that I have to get over to everyone."

On the playbook in preseason
"Obviously you are not going to show everything in the preseason. That is just the way it is, but there are some shots that can be taken. It is just one of those things that the defense did. Just taking what they gave us, a lot of times we shot ourselves in the foot there with penalties and stuff. The game is not meant to be second and 15, and first and whatever. We just have to execute the simple basic rules of offense on first down."

On Bruce Ellington
"I love the guy, I think he is an awesome guy. He is working really hard, doing whatever he can to help out this team. We are throwing him in a bunch of different roles and stuff, and I think he is doing an awesome job. I know the team is really pumped to have him here."

On the rhythm without key players
"Yes, it's preseason. There are going to be injuries and the good thing's during practice every day we're watching film together, we're communicating. Showing what I'm seeing on this. Even though it's not them, that's the way this league is. There are going to be injuries. I think the guys are doing a good job of stepping up and making plays."

On going into regular season
"I am 100% confident. I cannot wait to get going this regular season. We just lost but I'm smiling, I can't wait, I can't wait to just get out there and play and go out there with the guys."

QB Deshaun Watson

On his ability to avoid pressure and run
"It's alright. Overall there's a lot of things to do to move the ball down the field and try to create some spark and put some points on the board, but it did not go our way. (I) Just try to make something happen, to create a spark and move the ball down the field."

On the interception
"The ball was just a little too high and he tipped it."

On going straight to Dallas and Houston weather
"I'm just going with whatever (the team has) got us doing and we have to go from there. (I) Just hope everyone in Houston is safe and (I'm) sending my prayers out there."

On the learning experience of the game
"(It's) Just overall being a better player, better teammate, (and a) better quarterback. Just look at the film, once I look at the film I'll figure it out.

TE Ryan Griffin "We have be more focused. We had 12 men in the huddle, a couple of penalties, a couple of mistakes. We got time, we got some guys we need to get back."

On the weather situation in Houston right now
"I'm just praying for everyone back in Houston. I hope everybody is safe. It is tough, you worry about your family obviously, but you worry about everybody. If we have to play a game in Dallas that is nothing compared to what a couple, more than a couple of people are going through. I am just praying for them."

DE Jadaveon Clowney

On how not being back in Houston with loved ones
"Just keep playing and everything, stay cool. Just don't go crazy. We want to go home, everybody wants to go home, been saying it all day. We will see what happens next. We have to deal with it, though."

On his one series tonight
"I don't know. I have to go back and watch the tape. (We have to) Keep working, (we) have a lot of work to do. Our staff and our defense have to play the game, have to keep working to get it done."

LB Whitney Mercilus

On defensive performance
"It was good. Show us how our defense is and the kind of guys we have. Everybody's doing a great job, Everybody's working to (to the goal of) a sound defense, doing exactly what their job is and all that. As far as using what the coaches teach them and all that, it was great."

On going straight to Dallas
"It is, what it is. I know we aren't too happy about that. We want to get home, been on the road and all that but it is what it is. Houston got hit hard with a lot of flooding, so (we are) just taking it a day at a time."

On worries about Houston weather
"(We are) Very worried. Of course we have had issues of flooding the last couple of years. It is very concerning, especially having family down there."

On adjusting on the fly to things like this
"We adjust all the time. That's part of being in this business. Our schedules adjust. Things get adjusted especially with weather things like that. So we will just rideit out and see what happens."


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