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Preseason Game 2 quotes: New Orleans Saints players

Saints players spoke with media following game against Chargers


On the defense:
"DA (Dennis Allen) called a great game. Overall, we played aggressive all night. We were playing on their side of the line of scrimmage. We were controlling the line of scrimmage. The coverage was great. The front got after the quarterback and when you do that, it's going to be hard night for any offense."

On improving:
"Obviously, I'm in improvement mode. Every practice and every day you have to take it and it's for game day. Everyday is important. You have to go out and compete and show what you can do. I'm hoping I can show this club how I can help win games."

On the interception:
"It was great. My first interception in the NFL to close out the game. Everyone was hyped and it's a great feeling to make a play and end a game."


On the offense:
"I think we started pretty fast and toward the last couple drives of the first half we just didn't get in sync. We didn't get in a rhythm, held on to the ball too long and just weren't able to get things going."

On penalties:
"It's preseason football so there's a lot of penalties no matter whose side of the ball it is. You definitely want to eliminate those because you just put yourself in a bad situation. Third and long against that defense and that defensive coordinator is going to be tough."

On the environment:
"It wasn't super loud. Obviously, a stadium with 70,000 fans will be louder than one with 30,000. I thought at times it got loud. It was an intimate atmosphere, but we handled it pretty well."


What are your thoughts on your first preseason game?
"It is way different from college. It was my first preseason game. I got the speed up a little bit, but knowing that you got a few plays. I got my rhythm a little bit. I like locking it down on the outside."

As you watched it progress, how did you guys feel that you did defensively?
"I think we did great. From top to bottom, a lot of people made plays when they had to."

You said it was different from college, in what way?
"You have to know more about the splits and tendencies of the team. You need to know that in college too, but it comes faster with the NFL games. I think once I get more reps at it will come smoother."

They have you on the pitch count, how do you feel like you are doing?
"I felt well. I just needed to make a play, on the outside on Melvin Gordon. I just take that and learn from it and do my thing next week."


On his big performance and getting to the QB tonight:
"It felt great just to be out there with my teammates and it just feels good. I don't really know what to say but it's just a great feeling, especially to get the win."

On his two sacks:
"I know my coach talked to us before we went out for the two-minute situation and my mindset was just to get off the ball and just keep the quarterback in the pocket. That's pretty much what I did and help the other guys on the defensive line. Everybody was just on the same page with the same mindset to get off the ball and get to the quarterback and try to make something great happen in the game."

On pass rush improvement:
"It felt great just to be you know just to be here but it's just a great feeling just to be out there just competing and playing with my teammates and stuff like that is awesome."


On learning the NFL game:
"It really hammers in the fact that you need to have sound technique for every single play. There was a couple of times I may have gotten away from that and it showed."

On fixing mistakes:
"I need to watch the film and practice and figure out what I did wrong and improve on that."

On what to take away from this game:
"I think it was good to obviously get in the game and play the game and feel the speed of the NFL. Really feel what a game is like even though it's a preseason game. It really shows how important those little fundamentals will be in crunch time or when you get tired in the game. So improving on those things and staying consistent."


Did the Chargers change their playbook?
"You know, honestly it is a different playbook. It's about reading keys, using instincts, and going out there and having fun."

How much fun did you have?
"It's always fun when you are winning. I didn't play a perfect game, but I was very happy with how I played and how the team played. Overall, happy that we got a win. Definitely good to be back and end on that note."

Obviously, you guys are scheming completely, do it make you feel good on what you can do potential wise?
"It is just a good step in the right direction. It is a great opportunity for us to go out there and compete against a really good team to show what we are made of. I think we did that. We are going to watch the film tomorrow and see where we can get better. That's a good thing that we can play that way and still have some things to correct. That starts looking good for our team."

Talking about the linebacker core in general, even when you guys were subbing in and out there was no drop
"It is just a mentality. We are trying to develop a culture of excellence, a culture of being perfect. It does not hurt to try and be perfect. We understand that we are never going to be perfect. When I strive to be whenever one of our numbers are called we are going to go out there and play and we are going to compete at the highest level. We are going to go out there and show what we can do."

Extra juice against your former other team?
"There is a little extra meaning to the game. I was really happy with myself and how I handled it. I think a young guy would come in here anxious and try and do too much. I think I just let the game come to me and when I had an opportunity to make a play, I made the play for my team. I didn't step out of my comfort zone. I didn't try and do too much. I can build from that and get better."


On conversations with Bosa and Jones:
"Those are my guys, my brothers pretty much. I'll always wish those guys well but ultimately the Saints came out with the victory. I always want to see those guys do well, play good football and do their job to help their team in as many ways they can."

On playing in his hometown:
"It felt great to just be back home in front of my family. Just for them to be able to come and see me play again because I went to school at Ohio State. They came to my games at Ohio State, but not as deep as they're able to on the West Coast. Just to be back and playing in front of the family is a blessing. There was about 30 of them here today."

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