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Preseason Game 2 quotes: New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton

Sean Payton reacts to the Saints win against the Chargers in Los Angeles.


On the game:

"I thought overall I was pleased with how we played defensively. During the course of the week, Thursday, we weren't as sharp and I thought Friday was a little bit better in our practice. Saturday was more of a walk through but the point of emphasis today was coming out and being a little bit more focused. I thought we were able to do that in a lot of areas."

On A.J. Klein and Manti Te'o:
"When watching the game real-time I'm sure they were apart of a solid effort. We'll watch the film tonight and tomorrow morning before we go back."

On Chris Banjo*:*
"You see certain plays and in the kicking game you see some plays on third down but it's hard to go through everyone's individual effort ten minutes after a game. I thought overall we did a good job against the run. Our third down defense was good. We were able to pitch a shutout minus the turn over offensively. Those are encouraging things. I thought our coverage units in the kicking game were really good. Not so good in the return game. Then, I thought, offensively early on we had some success and as we got into our second phase we made a lot of three and outs. We had a bad red zone sack that took us out of scoring position. Those are just a few things."

On the risks of the quarterbacks:
"We're playing football. They're at risk any time we go out to practice. We just try to make sure we're paying attention to their pitch count and we were right on their numbers that we wanted. Anytime you walk someone out in a uniform you're at risk."

On Ryan Ramczyk:
"He had a holding call I believe. We'll see the film. He had a good decent amount of snaps, probably in the twenties. I would rather wait and take a peek at the video."

On the encouragement from the defense:
"It was encouraging because it was kind of a challenge for us heading into this game. I thought we were opportunistic. I thought we played with energy. I think when you're trying to play this game I think it requires that. It requires that type of temperament and I think you felt it on the sideline a little bit as well."

On sitting Drew Brees:
"It was my decision."

On the special teams:
"My overall impression was the coverage units did a real good job. I thought we changed field position and (Michael) Thomas had one that didn't come out the way we wanted but that was important. That would be my first impression. I thought we protected the field position well. Our coverage units tackled well. I don't have as good of sense as to the return game."

On the victory:
"Obviously we want to win every time we play. Just as importantly, though, in this early part of the preseason, we're making sure we're getting the right guys evaluated. I was pleased with how we finished even despite the turnover. Defensively we were able to get off the field and offensively we were able to put a decent drive together, hit the field goal, and really manage our time the right way."

On the joint practice and evaluating players:
"You're able to, in a controlled environment, play whoever you want to play and get a lot of valuable reps. It's easier to not play a certain player if you choose not to. I think that Anthony (Lynn), his staff and that team, I thought the whole week we were together went smooth to could get a lot done."

On Alvin Kamara's touchdown run:
"I thought it was clean. Second effort was good on the broken tackle."

Action photos from the 2nd half of the New Orleans Saints v. Los Angeles Chargers at StubHub Center in Carson, CA on August 20, 2017.

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