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Preseason Game 1 quotes: New Orleans Saints players

Alvin Kamara, Tommylee Lewis, Thomas Morstead and Ryan Nassib spoke with media following game against Browns

RB Alvin Kamara:
On how much he 'displayed' tonight in competition at the running back position:
"A little bit. You just have to keep building on it. It is funny; once you get that first carry, you want more. I just want more. Just got to keep getting better, keep progressing."

On if he received any feedback from other teammates:
"Yeah, those guys were talking me up and saying, 'Good job,' and stuff. I am my biggest critic. Just have to get the film watched and see. I know that there is some stuff that I could have done better."

On his performance in the return game:
"I think it went pretty good. I had maybe two returns. It went pretty good. Again, just have to watch the film and see if there is anything that I left out there or anything.

WR Tommylee Lewis:
On the productive night:
"Yeah man, it is a blessing. Coach (Sean) Payton is a special guy. He let me come out here to the best of my ability and just produce."

On if he felt comfortable or if he was 'in the zone':
"I mean, it is just more comfortable. I was feeling good. We just worked so hard. We worked so hard to come out and have fun. That is what my mom said, 'come out and have fun.' Let the plays make themselves."

On the diving catch from QB Garrett Grayson:
"We winked at each other. We have always had a connection. We practice really well. He gave me a shot to go get it and I laid out and went and got it."

P Thomas Morstead:
On starting off the season:
"It was a good first game. We just signed our long snapper back (LS Justin Drescher) from the past seven years like three days ago, so it was nice that we just kind of fell right back into the groove. It was kind of annoying that I did not have a great punt on my last punt of the game, but overall, I thought I played pretty well."

On his connection with Browns P Britton Colquitt:
"(P) Britton (Colquitt) and I were the same draft class. You kind of know those guys a little better than everybody else. I think we all just kind of follow each other's careers. I went to the Pro Bowl four years ago with his brother, Dustin, and really got to know Britton there. I think we all pull for each other to do well. It is kind of an honor to kind of be a part of that fraternity. It was fun catching up with him today."

On the kicking competition between K Wil Lutz and K Patrick Murray:
"All I know is that last season we did not miss an extra point or a field goal inside of 50 yards. We had a few blocks and we missed some long kicks, but I thought Wil had a steady first year. We will see. Pat is a great professional. I got to know him a little bit in minicamp this past summer. I do not know where they stand in the grand scheme of things and it is not my job to know. My job is to hold for both and give them both the best opportunity to succeed."

On being in a competition of his own at the holder position:
"That is a coaching deal. Tonight, I was supposed to hold the second half, we just did not have any attempts. It was what it was. I say, when it comes to field goal, I really do not need many game reps. I get reps with those guys every day. If they are looking at (QB) Chase (Daniel) to potentially hold, he needs to do it in the game and get used to it. He has done it before for us, years ago when he was on his first contract. It will be up to the coaches, I guess."

QB Ryan Nassib:
On tonight's performance:
"I think it was a disappointing loss. Obviously, I wanted to have the ball in my hands at the end of the game. I wanted to come away with a win. We did not accomplish that, which is tough."

On if he 'did enough' to improve his place in the quarterback competition:
"That is hard to say. That is up to the coaches. I just try to just stay focused on playing ball and try to play the best that I can."

On how approaches the game:
"You do not get a lot of chances to play this game. Whenever you get a chance, especially a guy in a position like me, you want to take advantage of every opportunity that you have. If I am able, I am going to play."

On WR Tommylee Lewis:
"Tommylee has done a lot of great things for us in training camp, along with all of the other receivers. Some receivers just have their night. Tommy did a good job of getting open and making plays."

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