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Preseason Game 1 quotes: New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton

Sean Payton reacts to the Saints loss against the Browns in Cleveland.

Opening statement:
"We just talked a little bit as a team. I'm sure we're going to have a lot of things to correct on that film. I think things that come up are obviously are some of the situational awareness we lack; some of the substitutions. There were a handful of things penalty-wise that were kind of sloppy. We have to see the tape and make the corrections."

On CB PJ Williams, CB Ken Crawley and CB De'Vante Harris:
"I thought we were alright. I thought I liked the first group with (Saints CB) Peter (Williams). We turned the ball over on the 30-some yard line offensively because we can't protect the football. I thought those guys were doing a good job so far. There are a couple contact things we have to get cleaned up."

On if he liked the opportunities given to Saints RB Alvin Kamara:
"Yeah. Listen. He's got a punt at short. He has to get everyone off of it so it doesn't roll back. He struggled with the exchange early in the game, but I thought he settled in once he got going."

On if the four sacks gave him optimism about the Saints' pass rush:
"More importantly, on both sides of the ball, evaluating who is getting used to things, you know what I mean? We will look at the tape and get a chance to get a better feel."

On the satisfaction from WR Tommylee Lewis transferring training camp to the game:
"Yeah, listen, there were some good plays. He too had a pile on the ground where he has to get guys off him, but I'm sure, like I said, that we're going to put the tape on him and see some things that will be encouraging, but there some plays at the end there that were foolish and some substitutions that were troubling. Too many talent on the field. Here goes an 11th guy – you know what I mean? We will get that corrected or we will find someone else."

On the concern of the lack of 'splash plays':
"We will see. It's hard to say based on what the look was. There were a couple things though where you are pressuring and you're going to have to get them a little quicker, and then how we're playing off on the cover. I think we did a lot of good things well tonight, defensively. I thought our situational football was somewhat average to poor in all three phases. Offensively, we had a handful of second shorts that we don't make anything on second down; too many minus or no gains. We'll look at the film and see."

On what stood out defensively:
"Listen, I thought those guys early in the game did a good job, playing the field position, until we turned the ball over. Our third down numbers and all that were good."

On if he tries something he normally would not do because it is a preseason game:
"Yeah, look, you are trying to expose your team to as much as you can. I think that on the fourth down call, I probably wouldn't kick a field goal early. Things like that, where you want to see guys and see how they respond and kind of go through it. The chance to go against another team is good in that we can get a lot of things done."

On why Saints QB Drew Brees and others did not play:
"It was just our decision."

On the play of Saints QB Ryan Nassib:
"I thought alright. Like I've said, I thought there are some things about him when he's in the game. There's a comfort level to him; he gets in and out; he gets his group in the huddle. I'm sure we're going to watch some protection problems. I thought we struggled a little bit in the second half with that group, and anytime there was pressure, or a pressure situation, we struggled. I think we'll see that."

On DE Alex Jenkins, an international practice squad player, getting a sack:
"I'm excited for him. Anytime we're able to get a sack, it's encouraging. Listen, it came early enough in the game – it wasn't like it came in the fourth quarter. We're going to continue to work with him."

On if WR Travin Dural suffered a concussion:
"I'm not going to hit on anything injury-wise until we get to the regular season."

On injuries:
"Did you hear what I just said? Do you listen? Alright. When we get to the regular season, you'll get an injury report. I think I've covered that a few times."

On if Brees and RB Adrian Peterson are playing next week:
"We haven't really kind of gone through the plan for being out west."

On DT David Onyemata:
"That's a good question. I think – I'm sure – there's going to be some decent snaps, but you're talking about a tackle. I thought we had some good rush snaps. We've got to work on some of our mugs or add-ons. When the quarterback was able to hold it for an extended time, it broke us down a few times in the back end."

On DE Mitchell Loewen:
"I thought he played with effort. Again, we'll put the tape on them all. Listen, he was out there competing and going hard. He busted two coverages late, and offensively, we didn't do a good enough job with our opportunities to kind of put the game away. We had a few of those."

On if some of the issues with the shotgun snaps settled down since last week:
"To some degree. We had a high snap on a running play today, so we missed the cut."

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