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Panthers QB Readies For First Road Start

Clausen talks about Saints

Carolina Panthers talked to the New Orleans media on a teleconference following practice on Wednesday. In it, he discussed the challenge of facing the Saints as well as his second start as a professional. Below is a transcript:

What was it like getting your first start?

* *

"It was a fun experience but at the same time when you go out there and lose you don't have a good feeling. I have a sour taste in my mouth about the loss and you just want to go out and make plays on the field every time you can, but sometimes you can't make plays. Hopefully this week we'll be able to make more plays on the field rather than bad ones."

Does anything jump out to you about having to play the defending champions in their own building?

* *

"They're obviously a really good team, the defending world champions. The thing we have to do is eliminate mistakes and turnovers and we have to play a perfect game to have a chance to beat the Saints."

How much urgency do you have right now in Carolina for this season?

* *

"A lot of urgency. Obviously starting 0-3 is not what we envisioned or expected. We're trying to change it, change around as much as we can as fast as we can. We just got off the practice field and had a pretty good first day out there. We just have to keep getting better out there each day."

* *

How are you feeling personally physically?

* *

"I'm feeling good. I'm healthy. I'm 100 percent. I have some bumps and bruises from the last game but I feel good now."

How does it come in and change a team mentally after a loss, especially if you are a team like the Saints that hadn't lost one in a while?

* *

"Yes. I would. It's kind of the same thing for us. We haven't had a win this season. We're really hungry to get that first victory. Obviously the Saints are coming off a loss as well and they're looking to get back on track. We'll have to play a perfect game offensively to have a chance to win the game."

What do you think is holding your team back offensively?

* *

"I don't know if it's one specific thing. I don't think its one specific thing. I can only talk for myself, but there are plays out there I made that I shouldn't have made, like the interception, the two fumbles out there. Hopefully if we eliminated those mistakes right there we would have had a chance of winning the game last Sunday. I think just the little things and each player doing their own job and executing the game plan will give them a chance to win the game."

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