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Panthers Coach Fox Readies For Saints

Carolina looking to reduce turnovers

Carolina Panthers Head Coach John Fox participated in a conference call with the New Orleans media following practice today. In the call, Fox discussed the continuing development of their young team quarterbacked by rookie Jimmy Clausen and their priority on reducing the number of turnovers after recording 12 in the first three games. Below is a transcript:

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"I don't buy into all that. People on the outside look at records. I look at the team. They're obviously still a very, very talented team. It's hard to win all of them. They're a very, very, good football team, defending world champs at their place."

I know you guys have made the quarterback switch and it didn't lead to a lot of points last week, but do you like what you're seeing?

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"Yes. We're a young football team. I think we're getting better each week. Unfortunately for us, it hasn't carried over to a win, but when you're minus six in the turnover ratio and have 12 turnovers after three games, I I'm not sure if you're going to win no matter how talented you are."

The Saints have struggled at times against the run and both your guys had big runs against them last year. Is it a matter of guys have been loading up against your run game or are those guys just a couple holes from getting unleashed this year?

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"We're still pretty efficient running the ball. We're maybe a little short, but we were up over 150 a game last year. Part of it is we've been behind. That always staggers your run totals. We need to get that fixed."

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How have the turnovers affected that also or have they affected that also?

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"Yes, I think if you look at New Orleans at 2-1 they didn't have a turnover until last week and had three. They have three after three games and we have 12. It does give away possessions."

Aare a lot of the turnovers a byproduct of being a young team?

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"I can't answer that. I wish we weren't at 12. We have six fumbles and six interceptions. We definitely have to be more secure with the ball and these are things we're looking to improve."

Is there anything you can implement in this game Sunday afternoon based on some of the things the Saints offense has struggled with in the first few games?

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"Each one of these takes on its own personality. I think this week against the Saints Gregg Williams gives you a variety of looks and different blitz packages, things that can be confusing. I think we'll just try to adjust and game plan to the type of team we're playing. As far as the first three games, they all had their own personality. The thing that's been recurring to us is ball security. We've done it two different ways. We've fumbled two snaps this past week. Those are things, the reason why you practice and why you play the game."

What have you seen out of Malcolm Jenkins that impresses you in taking over the reins from Darren Sharper?

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"I think he's very, very athletic. It hasn't been long since he came out. The evaluation process watching him and evaluating him coming out, we hold him in high regard."

I'm sure you and Sean Payton have had talks about the stages your teams are in. Is that just the cycles that teams have to go through in this league?

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"Yes, it's my 22nd year. I've been through a few cycles, but the game's always changing. You look at the job Sean's done there in turning that program around to getting the ultimate of all goals. I think every player, coach, owner and management team's goal is to win the Super Bowl. To be able to accomplish that is quite a feat.

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