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New Orleans Saints tackle fraud for an NFC Divisional Playoff Game with SeatGeek

As the postseason heats up with must-see playoff games, the Saints want to protect fans from getting scammed by fraudulent resale tickets


During this high-demand period, ticket fraudsters ramp up their efforts in targeting Saints fans. For this upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles and for the rest of the season, the Saints are urging fans to shop exclusively at SeatGeek and NFL Ticket Exchange, the only Ticket Exchange of the NFL. It's the only sure way for fans to avoid scammers and score real tickets from real fans.

By using SeatGeek or NFL Ticket Exchange, fans can ensure their tickets are valid before the get to the gate. Tickets sold to fans on these platforms are 100% verified and issued in the fan's name. If a fan can't make it to the game for any reason, they can easily transfer or sell their tickets hassle free.

"We want every fan to be aware of counterfeit tickets and the risk associated with buying tickets off the street," said Senior Vice President of Sales Michael Stanfield. "We highly encourage fans to only purchase tickets through SeatGeek or NFL Ticket Exchange to ensure they are purchasing a valid and verified ticket."

SeatGeek and NFL Ticket Exchange are the safest, easiest, and only New Orleans Saints-approved ways for fans to buy or sell tickets to the hottest games.

For more information about tickets:
Visit, NFL Ticket Exchange, or call (888) 635-5944

FYI: Boasters be warned, posting pictures of your tickets on social media can invite fraud. Scalpers can steal the barcodes and create counterfeits, making your tickets worthless.

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