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New Orleans Saints statement on training camp at The Greenbrier

Plans remain to conduct training camp starting on July 27 at The Greenbrier

On behalf of our entire organization, we wish to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of the West Virginians whose lives have been dramatically affected by the severe flooding the state has recently received.

Unfortunately, our community is very familiar with the loss of life and property these weather disasters can cause and we are working to assist those affected, where we can.

We have maintained contact with officials at The Greenbrier and our plans remain to conduct training camp starting on July 27. We will continue to monitor the situation and look for ways that our team/organization can contribute in a positive way while we are there this summer. We will do this based on the direction of the local community and The Greenbrier, so that we are not adding to the burden of this difficult recovery.

It is evident that help and assistance is greatly needed across the state and in the immediacy we are working with the United Way to offer our assistance. We would encourage those that are interested in providing assistance to visit

Dennis Lauscha
Saints President

Mickey Loomis
Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager

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