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New Orleans Saints players talk about win over Jaguars

Read what New Orleans Saints players had to say after defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars in their first preseason game 

Saints Quarterback Tom Savage

On getting start at QB:
"I think it was a good start, but we have a lot of things to work on and improve on. Just being out there with those guys is great. The weapons we have offensively is exciting. I didn't see any rust out of these other guys. There are a lot of things to improve, but it felt good to go out there and get my feet wet."

On backing up Drew Brees:
"It's everything you've imagined. The guy is an unbelievable person. You can just see day in and day out why he has so much success. I think he's an incredible quarterback and an even better person."

On what areas he can improve in the most:
"Obviously, we had some jitters early on, but I think it felt good. We have so much to improve on, and I do, personally, in the overall process: getting balls out quicker, out of huddle and spitting plays out, and making it easier for those guys up front. You kind of get spoiled with the line that they have here. They'll block for you all day."

On scoring opportunities:
"It's different looks that the Jaguars were giving us. I think we were there and did a good getting those three field goals, but obviously you'd like to get three touchdowns."

Saints Quarterback Taysom Hill

On getting out to play:
"Since the moment I got here, I was looking forward to this opportunity to play quarterback in the Saints offense. I haven't played quarterback since last preseason and I felt like I needed to come in and throw the ball and dust off the rust. It was great to have the opportunity. It was awesome."

On rallying from a 20-10 deficit:
"We all understand it's a preseason football game. You're not going to convince anyone in this locker room that we don't care about winning. It's all about moving the chains and putting points on the board."

On playing next week:
"I think the biggest thing is that we have a lot of tape now and you don't know what to expect. It's good to get one under your belt and certainly a lot of things to clean up. But it was nice to get a win and into the end zone."

On getting the opportunity to play:
"I loved it and last year was my rookie year and I didn't get a ton of opportunities in Green Bay as the fourth guy. It was good to get a lot of quality playing time tonight and it was a lot of fun. It was great to get the opportunity to go out there."

Saints Wide Receiver Ted Ginn Jr.

On offensive performance:
"We're all excited to compete against another team tonight and show what we've been working on in New Orleans. We have some things to still work on. It's good to get that first victory and take advantage of those opportunities. It's hard to win in this league."

On Saints potential in 2018 season:
"Only time will tell. We'll take it one day at a time. We just want to grind it out and stick together. We have to stay healthy and take care of one another. We'll see where we stack up at the end of the season."

On being a veteran leader:
"It's a lot of guys' first opportunity, and first NFL game ever. There could be a lot of emotions with that. You just want to remind them it's just football and to stay calm. The opportunities will present itself. Just stay in the moment."

Saints Cornerback Marshon Lattimore

On his thought of the game:
"It was our first preseason game and we knew there were going to be some mess ups. We were playing with some new players for the first time and we just need to go back to practice and make improvements."

On breaking up the monotony of camp:
"It was good to come out and play against another team after two weeks in camp against each other."

On playing against Jacksonville's first team:
"We played with some new players and it was good to finally play against somebody else. We made some good plays but we will need to make improvements."

On going into next week's home game vs. Arizona:
"We are going to come out with more intensity and it will be good to play at home."

Saints Linebacker Alex Anzalone

On getting back into football game:
"It makes me feel good, especially with some of the younger guys stepping up making plays. It's definitely good to show we have depth that can change the momentum of a game like that."

On challenges the Jaguars present on offense:
"Number one, you go to the running back, Fournette. You start with him, a guy that's hard to tackle. I played against him for three years in college so I know what he can do."

On versatility of defense:
Everyone knows what they're doing and where to expect help from in the run game and passing game. We're getting more comfortable."

On whether he noticed Fournette lighter as a running back:
"In this league you have to be fast. Everyone is fast at almost every position – from the offensive line, to the defensive line, to the linebackers, defensive backs, receivers. They're all explosive and can recover quickly. So losing that weight, I'm sure, helped."

Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas

On playing against the Jaguars:
"Anytime you get an opportunity to compete against another team other than your own guys, you get the juices flowing and get excited to be out there against another team on a big stage. We wanted to come out, play hard and win the game."

On the play of Tom Savage:
"I think he did a really good job. It's his first year in a new offense and to come in and digest it and move the ball. But for his first time, he did a good job."

On playing against Jacksonville's first team:
"I like playing against great competition, talented individuals. They keep you honest, and I like that."

On Drew Brees being expected to play next week:
"When Drew comes under center, it will be good to have him out there. He's our brother and our leader on the offense and it will be fun to have him back."

Saints Running Back Jonathan Williams

On the game-winning TD:
"It felt good and it was great to run behind this great offensive line. I was a running back before and I could play fullback."

On getting reps in the game:
"I try to run with urgency every time I get the ball and whenever you get the ball in your hands, you want to get the ball in the end zone. It's exciting. That's what I was able to do tonight."

On playing against the Jaguars:
"It felt great and after so many reps you could take with your teammates, it was exciting to play somebody else with different color jerseys and helmets."

On the comeback victory:
"It's preseason but every time we walk on the field, we want to come out with the W. We want the defense to make the stop and have the offense come in and score the touchdown."

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