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New Orleans Saints players talk about win over Cardinals

Tim Hightower talks about significance of win in Arizona

Saints RB Tim Hightower* *on how it felt to score two touchdowns in Arizona:

"It just feels good to win."

On if there was any extra emotion:

"Yes. When I talked to the guys last night, I had so many words. I feel like I don't have any now. I'm just thankful. This process has been one that has tested me in every way. I don't want to make it about myself. This is a great team win. To be able to come here and get a win, to contribute in this kind of way, just thinking of the last loss here a year ago, I wasn't even on the roster. I was released the day before the game. It kind of had everything come back full circle. It was special."

On the emotions of overcoming obstacles:

"As if I needed any more reminders of what perseverance does and finishing what you started, today was one of those things that really reminds me, and hopefully this team, that when you set your sight on something, you keep going after it. There were so many dark nights; I felt this day would never come to even have another opportunity. To be able to come back here for our team, we've had so much adversity, so many close losses, that at this time of year you have one of two choices: you can pack it in and get ready for next year or you can find a way. We found a way today. It's awesome."

On if he saw Mark Ingram's emotions on the sideline:

"No, I didn't. Mark is competitive, as am I. It's a tough situation, especially when you start to get down there to that goal line. As a running back, your eyes are lighting up. You see the end zone. You want to get in there. I understand his frustration. It's an emotional game. You just have to make sure you control your emotions at that point of the game. I understand it. I've been there. I've been in his shoes. I understand his frustration, but I'm sure him and Coach (Sean Payton) will get that situated."

On getting in the end zone against his former team:

"Again, it's the win. The touchdown is cool, but if I scored four touchdowns and we didn't win, it wouldn't feel right. After the type of season that we've had – we've had two rough weeks back to back – we didn't even get in the endzone, so to be able to put this kind of performance together on the road made it special. It shows what kind of team this is. Hopefully we can carry this mindset, this game into the rest of the season."

On if he'll let the moment from today sink in:

"Yes and no. The job is not done. It was awesome. I'll have a chance to reflect on everything, but it's been up and down for the team all season, so I want to finish. I want to finish the year strong for this team, for this coaching staff. I want to finish, so right now isn't really the time to kind of rest in what happened today. You appreciate all the playing, but again, we have to finish the season and that's what I want to do."

On the offense's performance against the number one defense:

"The game is not won or lost on speeches or meetings. Games are won and lost during the week and on Sundays. I think we've had a great week of preparation. Regardless of the outcomes, we just see it. Guys know the talent we have on this team. We know the character that we've had on this team. Not once do you feel that guys have checked out. I've been on teams like that before. I think guys just believe. They believe that it may have not bounced our way, but we still have the guys to do it. Let's finish this thing strong for all of us. We started something. Let's finish it. I think that's the feeling around the locker room."

Saints WR Brandin Cooks on his 65-yard TD catch:

"Drew (Brees) put it out there. It's a blessing to be able to get the ball right where it was and be able to run up underneath it and go score."

On the offensive performance:

"Just going back to the basics, tuning out the outside noise and sticking to what we do."

On if the Cardinals covered him differently than last year:

"A little bit, but for the most part, the same."

On if they saw anything on film to give them confidence to take shots downfield:

"Of course. Any time you see that on film as an offense, you always think that you can come up with a big play. It's just a matter of time when it happens."

On reflecting on his second straight 1,000-yard season:

"I'm not because it's not where I want to be. There's a lot more room for improvement. That's personal. Don't get me wrong; it's a blessing to be able to get that. Knowing where I want to be as a player, I'm far from it, so there won't be a sit down reflecting on it as a good thing. It's going to be a sit down reflecting on how I can get better to make sure that it's a lot better than what it is now."

On breaking down his two big plays:

"Like I said, the play was called right. It was one of those things that happened in our favor and all I had to do was just run."

Saints RB Mark Ingramon the win:

"We came out here and did a good job as a team bringing a win back to New Orleans. That's what's most important."

On not getting goal line touches:

"I'm really competitive in everything I do. Like I said, it's a good win from the team. That's our number one goal: to come out here on the road and get a great win. We're excited about that."

On what Coach Sean Payton said to him:

"Coach is really cool. He's very understandable. Like I said, we did a great job as a team. I'm happy that we're bringing a win back to New Orleans. Everybody played well. The offense played well. The defense played well. Special teams played well. We had a good team win."

On Tim Hightower's performance:

"Tim's an amazing man. He's a great player. His story and what he's overcome is second to none. He's very inspiring. I love that guy to death. He's always been a good teammate, great person, great father, a great husband. He's what you strive to be in a man all around in life, in football, teammate, friend, anything. He's the epitome of a great man."

On what the offensive performance brings to the team:

"It brings a lot of confidence. We know that when we play our game we can beat anybody. We can play with anybody. We can compete with anybody. We just have to be more consistent, get on the same page and finish this thing strong. That's the number one goal."

On the offensive performance:

"Our coaches did a good job of game-planning, putting us in position to have success offensively and defensively. They put together a great gameplan and put guys in position to have success. I feel like that's what happens in our offense. Every time we practice hard and have a great gameplan, the run works and it opens up the deep passes to (Brandin) Cooks, Mike T (Thomas), (Willie) Snead, whomever it may be. We just played well, complimentary football. That's a great defense. We had to play our A-game to be able to play like that today."

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