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New Orleans Saints players on win against Rams

Kenny Vaccaro, Willie Snead IV, Zach Strief, Mark Ingram and Cameron Jordan spoke with media following win against Rams


S Kenny Vaccaro

(On his interception)
"I was glad that I was able to come up with the ball. Anytime we can take the ball away and give Drew (Brees) the ball back, then we are going to win the game."

(On the defense's play this afternoon)
"I have a bad taste in my mouth because we gave up too many plays in the first half. It wasn't really them. It was us doing things that our coaches preach during the week. We just didn't execute. We are going to face better offenses. That's nothing against them. We need to correct those mistakes if we want to be the defense that we want to be."

(On what he thought of Jared Goff)
"I think he has pretty good arm talent. He's young. He was on the road in a hostile environment. His book is just starting. Each day, each month, each year is a new chapter for him. I hope that he keeps growing."

WR Willie Snead IV

(On his touchdown pass)
"It was a great play call. Tim (Hightower) made a great catch. I just threw it up there and he hauled it in. It was a great play call and a great play. I'm glad that it happened that way."

(On his thoughts prior to the touchdown pass)
"I was caught off guard a little bit. I told coach to give me a head's up throughout the game. I didn't think he was going to call it this late in the game. I just looked up at the safety and just launched it. Tim made a great catch and ran into the end zone."

(On his last touchdown pass)
"High school. My last touchdown pass was a long time ago."

T Zach Strief

(On the production of the running game today)
"There were some things that were done. They had a good plan for side protection. We got some big chunks of yardage. It was great to get Mark (Ingram)going. For a guy who has faced adversity this year, he has responded as well as you could have ever asked for. He has to be amongst the lead leaders in yards per carry He has been real effective for us and so has Tim (Hightower)."

RB Mark Ingram

(On the success of the run game against the Rams today)
"They have a great front. They have a great defense. They haven't allowed a 100-yard rusher in who knows when. My offensive line did a great job of opening up big holes. I just had to take care of the rest. Coach (coaches Payton and Carmichael) called great plays and we put together a great run game. It was a great effort. "

(On facing his old defensive coordinator)
"You're old coordinator is going to try to come back here and spoil the day We had a great week of preparation and practice. I tried to do everything I could to make sure that coming back here wasn't going to be a good experience. We did a great job of coming out the second half and finishing off the game."

(On Coach Payton's animation on the sidelines)
"He was excited. Anytime we put up 49 points and the defense is forcing turnovers, then he is going to be excited. We are all going to be excited."

DE Cameron Jordan

(On carrying the momentum of this into next week)
"In my mind, we need to win the next five games. We need to win the next five out and finish without a loss. You can't always be perfect in this game. We must overcome all adversity."

(On feeding off the offense)
"At some point, you must realize that the offense is firing on all cylinders and we must play to our ability. We must have the mindset that we're going to be the better defense on the field. In the first half, we weren't doing our job. In the second half, we turned it up."

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