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New Orleans Saints players on win against Panthers

Wil Lutz, Kenny Vaccaro, Brandin Cooks, Cam Jordan, Coby Fleener and Josh Hill spoke about win against Panthers


K Wil Lutz

(On how he put the earlier miss behind him)

"You have to have a short memory. You forget about it and go after the next one."

(On if he let the coaches know where he wanted the final kick in terms of positioning on the field)

"I did not say anything to them. I was not sure what was going to happen with 16 seconds left. My job is to put it through the uprights no matter where the ball is. It doesn't matter what hash it is on."

(On the game-winning kick)

"It felt smooth. I made it and that's all that matters. The first thing that I did was celebrate with Thomas (Morstead) & Justin (Drescher)."


S Kenny Vaccaro

(On his pass interference call in the end zone)

"It was frustrating, but at the same time you have to play through the calls. One play does not define the whole game. It did lead to a touchdown, which was unfortunate. It was a fourth down play. It was a big play, but we got the win. I'm happy."

(On giving up three touchdowns in the fourth quarter)

"Anytime you get those pass intereference calls, they take you down to the one. Anytime that you are on the one twice, then the percentage goes to the offense."

(On hanging in there with the injuries)

"Tomorrow, Coach (Payton) gave us the day off, but I want the defense all in there. I felt like we won the game, but I don't have a good taste in my mouth. There are some things out there that I know we didn't do. We need to execute. It's little things that are going to cost us. In the future."


WR Brandin Cooks

(On his 87-yard touchdown reception)

"It was one of those things. We gameplanned that very well. Coach did a great job coaching me. Drew (Brees) threw a great ball. All I had to do was run."

(On his mindset when he gets behind people)

"I turn it into a track meet. You get the baton handed off to you and you just run. That's my vision when I am in that position."

(On Drew being dialed in today)

"He was dialed in. He was like that all week in practice. He did in practice exactly what he did in the game today."


DE Cameron Jordan

(On his familiarity with Carolina)

"Whenever you see someone in your division, you see them twice a year. At this point in my career being year six, it is my 11th time seeing them. It's definitely familiar. You are aware of what he (Cam Newton) can do and aware what he can't do. With that being said, I'm glad that we got the win.


TE Coby Fleener

(On what he called his rushing touchdown)

"A tight end around."

(On if there were nerves when the play was called)

"A little bit, but at the same time we have practiced it enough to feel confident in it. It was fun.

(On his developing comfortability in the offense)

"I feel like I'm getting more comfortable with each passing week. Drew (Brees) does an outstanding job of knowing where I'm going. Every week in practice I get better.

TE Josh Hill

(On his touchdown reception)

"It was a play where I took it wide. Drew (Brees) threw it up to me and I just wanted to make a play for this team."

(On if he knew it was a touchdown before the replay)

"Yes, I did. I did. I had confidence it was a touchdown.

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