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New Orleans Saints players on loss to Falcons

Sterling Moore, Cameron Jordan, Mark Ingram, Tommylee Lewis and Craig Robertson spoke with media following loss to Falcons


CB Sterling Moore

(On the first quarter fumble on special teams and its effect)

"Defensively, we were fine with it because we had just gotten off the field. We thought that we could do it again. At that time, they weren't doing anything that we hadn't seen. We looked at it as a challenge. It is what it is."

(On if the injuries are frustrating to the team)

"No, it is what it is in this league. We are not the only team dealing with injuries. We have to trust everyone to do their responsibility. It's a next man up league."

(On the Atlanta running backs play)

"We definitely knew (Devonta) Freeman was a cutback runner. He hurt us a lot on that. They like to get (Tevin) Coleman out to the flat and quick. Guys have to be on their assignments. It's all on us as a defense. Everyone has to do their job."


DE Cameron Jordan

(On losing early momentum tonight)

"At the beginning of the game, we had so much momentum going for us. We put points up on the board. We had a three and out. We had a lot of things going for us. It is unfortunate that things happen. We ended up losing that momentum and we can't do that."

(On being 0-3 and a defensive captain)

"We need to create more pressure and havoc. That's my role. At this point, everyone has the same look in their eyes. We have that same intensity. We want that win so bad. It hurts to come out like we did to start the game and not get the win."

(On getting close)

"Close doesn't cut it. We are sitting here 0-3. It is what it is. We have got to find the will and a way to get this first win."


RB Mark Ingram

(On the 0-3 start)

"We have to go back to the drawing board. We are all professionals. There's lots of times that we have found ways to beat ourselves. You have to give credit to the teams that beat us. However, I think a lot of times we find ways to beat ourselves. We just have to get better."

(On the fumbled punt)

"We find ways to beat ourselves. It was great drive. We went down and scored. We were about to get the ball back. Maybe we will score again. Instead, they get seven points. That's just another way to shoot ourselves in the foot."

(On his mentality after five consecutive touchdowns were surrendered by the defense)

"We have to score. We're a team. We have to score. We have to find a (to) way stay on the field and score points. They played good ball. It's just like on offense when we aren't paying attention to detail. We are a team. We support each other no matter the circumstance. If it's a high scoring game, then we've got to put up some points.

WR Tommylee Lewis

(On being more involved in the offense)

"It was great to go out there and get some reps in. It was great to catch some balls. I prepared for the opportunity"

(On the fumbled punt return)

"It was like a flash. I didn't realize he was that close. It was just a bang-bang play. You just try to roll with it and then find the ball. It's unfortunate that it happened, but we had to move on."

LB Craig Robertson

(On the injuries that have affected the defense)

"We cannot use injuries as an excuse. That is the business that we are in, we just have to find a way. We have to dig deep down. We just have to keep coming back every play and do our job."

(On if the margin of error is getting smaller)

"Definitely. It's a winning business. With the goals that we have, we have to win games. Collectively as a team, we are trying to reach our goals. We know that we have to buckle down and figure out what we have to figure out. We have to get it turned around."

(On the team dealing with an 0-3 start)

"We have a lot of character guys. As a team, we're going to rally behind our leaders. We are going to figure out what we need to do to move ahead and win games. That's the only thing that you can do. As soon as you get that first win, then they start to roll in. We just need to get that first win and rally behind that."

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