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New Orleans Saints players on loss to Chiefs

Mark Ingram, Brandin Cooks, Max Unger and Kenny Vaccaro's met with media following loss to Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Postgame Quotes


On the game:

"It's hard to win on the road with two turnovers. Especially going in to try and tie a game into the red zone and then fumbling."

How difficult is it to play in this stadium?

"They have a good environment, a great environment to play football. You just have to stay focused. They did a good job of making it loud and we had a lot of pre-snap penalties. Those are self-inflicted wounds that we can control and we didn't do well enough to win."

On the opportunity to snag a victory on the road:

"I felt like we had opportunities to win the game and to get ourselves back into the game. We just made a lot of mistakes. Things that you can't do in order to win games on the road in this game."

Where is this team right now mentally?

"We're good. We have a group of guys that are gritty and hungry. We're not going to hold our heads down. We're going to hang them high and come back to the drawing board and prepare for next week and get back on another win streak."


On the missed opportunities throughout the game:

"We kept shooting ourselves in the foot. The noise wasn't a factor in that. We just have to be a smarter team and focus more."

Why are you so successful on opening drives:

"Coach [Payton] does a good job of setting that up. We can be good in the first drive, but we have to keep it going. That's something we didn't do today."

How do you keep the momentum going your way?

"You just go back to your technique and fix some of those mistakes. That was biting ourselves in the foot. We had first and 15 and second and 15 on pre-snap penalties. That will never help you. As players, we have to take that upon ourselves."

Is a loss like this on the road damaging?

"It can be really damaging, but penalties can be really damaging. We just have to correct them."

On his touchdown:

"Great throw. Great play call. That's what it was. It was just time on task. He [Drew Brees] is so accurate that all I had to do is stick my hands out there. I'll give him the credit for that, I just did all the running."


On the frustration of having so many pre-snap penalties:

"That's just maturity. Obviously, we have to do a better job with that. We had too many penalties, and you can't turn the ball over on the road against a good team and expect to win."

 What was the more difficult part of the pre-snap penalties? Was it the crowd noise?

"We just have to execute better. We have to get in the huddle and everyone has to be in there and we have to get that play out and get on the line of scrimmage. We just have to be better at it."

On the successful opening drive of each half:

"We deferred and then we got the ball (after the Chiefs first possession) and went down and scored a touchdown and that was awesome. We just have to be able to sustain that momentum from the drive through the game and be better."


At this point in the season, what can you do to correct some of the issues?

"We just have to keep working. There's not much you can do. This is our team and this is who we're working with. We just have to get better quick if we at least want to get back to .500."

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