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New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about Vikings game

Payton held a Wednesday morning conference call

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New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020

What are some of the things you're looking for that the Vikings do offensively and defensively?

"It feels like we played a handful of games (against each other). Obviously, we played them this year in the preseason. We played them last year, twice the year before that. And so with Mike (Zimmer) being there, they're extremely well-coached. Defensively, the scheme is pretty much the same. There are new pieces and some things they're doing that are a little different offensively. I think that they have had an exceptional year when you look at what they've done running the ball, in their scoring offense, the production. When you get into this stage of the season and you are looking at a team, you have a vault full of film, you have all the games from this year, all the games from last year and I think the focus really becomes more on our own team. I think this team is coached very well in the kicking game. They do a lot of things extremely well."

They have a couple of really good defensive ends, but you have had some great offensive tackle play this year. How would you evaluate your tackle play this season?

"We're fortunate because we have some depth there and then we have I would say some experience starters. Ryan's (Ramczyk) a young player still and yet feels like he's really come into his own at right tackle. Terron (Armstead is) at left tackle and we've been able to, for the most part, keep that lineup intact. Relative to the two outside people, Minnesota does have a real challenging rush plan, two good defensive ends that can create problems in the one on one matchups. They give you a lot of pressure looks as well and we've have to be ready for those."

Does having Latavius Murray on the roster help in game planning at all against his former team?

"No, none. Not a lot. That is, I think somewhat overrated. There are certain things that they do that you see that they do and yet you have it all on film. There's not any undercover (information), I think it would be more relative to personnel, like how fast is this guy really? Or what are your thoughts on this? That kind of thing. But that is not significant."

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