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Minnesota Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer talks about Saints game

'They’re tough to beat at home'

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

What are your initial thoughts about this matchup having played the New Orleans Saints several times in the preseason, regular season and postseason the last three seasons?

"They're a really good team, really good personnel, excellent coached. They're tough to beat at home."

Looking at film, what have you seen in Drew Brees since his return from the thumb surgery?

"He looks exactly the same as he always does. He's extremely smart, very accurate, great competitor, he's hard to fool. He's just a terrific player, he's moving well in the pocket. He does a nice job in the play-actions."

There are several former Vikings down here, but the newest is Latavius Murray. Have you kept in contact with him since he's moved down here and what do you think of his performance this season?

"No, I haven't been in contact with him, but Latavius is a terrific person, number one. He is a really good player. I think he's having an outstanding year. He's running extremely hard, doing a nice job in protection, doing a great job of catching the ball out of the backfield, so we miss him. He's a great kid and I'm glad that he's having success."

When you are looking at the Saints defense and their secondary specifically with some of the major injuries they have suffered at the end of the season, how have you seen their rotation develop?

"I think obviously they love to pressure. They love to play man to man. I think they do a great job with coaching, coaching the guys and I know that they've had some guys in and out. They're all good players."

Michael Thomas has had a historic season. What is it like when everyone knows a significant number of balls are going one guy and he still is putting up the numbers that he is?

"No. 1, obviously I think he is a great player. Sean (Payton) does a great job of scheming him to be able to get him in a lot of great situations. Drew (Brees) knows where he is going to be. He does a great job of catching the ball in traffic. He does a great job of running routes. With the combination of all those things he is a really tough matchup."

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