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Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne Talks About Facing the Saints

    <span>QB Chad Henne  

(On watching the New Orleans Saints defense) – "I think the extra week studying their defense and [watching] them early with the NY Giants helped us out; get a good picture of what they are, especially against a team like [the Giants] and see what they are going to bring to us."

(On what concerns him the most about the Saints Defense) – "They definitely pressured [New York Giants quarterback] Eli [Manning this past] Sunday, made him make some decisions that normally a quarterback wouldn't make. They are going to pressure the quarterback and put pressure on him because they want to get the ball back to their offense as quick as possible because they are a threat. They are going to pressure you and come at you quick."

(On how much confidence he has after handling the pressure that the Jets threw at him) – "Definitely gives you confidence but it is all about execution. They will bring some different stunts on us, different blitzes and we need to be aware where they are at and where their safeties are at because they have good safeties and corners to cover. We will have to evaluate them and see where they are at."

(On if he feels like a different quarterback after the Jets game) – "Well, I mean you definitely feel different because you won a big game, but you need to go right back to where you started. Preparation was the key to that game, understanding where their blitzes where coming from, where to go with the ball. We put that game behind us now; we are worried about New Orleans. This is a big step for us, this is an undefeated team coming into [here] and we need to take care of it."

(On if he talked to Bill Parcells after the Jets game) – "No, I haven't. I didn't get a chance."

(On the confidence the team has to come from behind after the success against the Jets) – "As a quarterback you always take each series, take each step for granted. Really, you have to understand where you are in the game, how to make decisions if you are ahead or behind. I think just playing the game out steady. Really focus in on that play at a time, really helps you come from behind and win when you're ahead."

(On setting his ego aside, much like Chad Pennington did, when he has to come off the field when the offense runs the Wildcat) – "When you think about it, it is part of our run game, it is part of our offense and how we throw off the defense. For us to go off on the sideline for a couple of plays, we have adjusted to that during the week in preparation, so we are use to it. We are accustomed to how we run our offense."

(On how when he exits the field for the Wildcat, it is almost a bonus timeout) – "You get a play off and get a [physical] picture, kind of like when we come to sidelines after a series, you get a picture of the defense and really understand what they are giving us in different formations and different plays. You get a chirp in the ear from the coach and then you go back out there and execute."

(On if he feels like he is in the rhythm of being the starting quarterback now, meaning the amount of meeting time, film time, and overall time spent in the building) – "Yea, it is two games underneath my belt; I am the starter so preparation is the key during the week and really acting like it. Really being the leader in the offense is showing. The guys are looking up to me in the huddle. It feels comfortable and I'm getting use to it."

(On what his schedule is like now compared to what it was before) – "I actually purchased one of the computers so I can watch film at home which is a definite plus so when I am sitting down at home and have some free time I can watch some extra tape. Definitely here a lot more than I was before, preparing a lot more."

(On how they don't just give you a computer) – "Nothing is free I guess. You have to pay for it." (Laughing)

(On his view of the rules that in place to protect the quarterbacks around the league) – "Any rule that they apply to protect us is a great opportunity and keeps us safe. As you think about it, you do not really think about it in the game if 'that' is a foul or a penalty. We play and I don't the defense means to do it, but you just go out there and play as a quarterback. If an injury happens, it happens but if it doesn't we don't look for the penalty. For me it is just running and I know I am going to get hit so no matter what I just need to be prepare for that."

(On if he has been setting up the meetings with the wide receivers that Chad Pennington use to have) – "Yes, I pretty much took the same schedule that Chad did. The coaches pretty much said 'be yourself, be how you go about your business, you don't have to do everything Chad did.' But I thought that was so valuable. Really, me getting into the wide receivers and getting on the same page with them and talking protections, our game plan with the [offensive] line, really helped out."

(On if he sat in those meetings when he was the backup) – "Yes, I was always in them, but Chad [Pennington] would be speaking."

(On looking at the Saints defense and seeing Darren Sharper) – "You definitely have to be aware of him. I think he is very instinctive, he reads the quarterback's eyes. I heard that he prepares very well. You always have to be aware where he is. He reads your eyes so sometimes you got to trick him and sometimes you have to go with your straight progression, but that is how I prepare. You have to be aware of him and prepare for how to attack him."

(On where he stands in his ability of being able to look off defenders with his eyes) – "I think as a quarterback it is all about experience and how comfortable you feel with it. I feel comfortable knowing where to go with the football right now and understanding our offense. There will be certain times when you can do it and other times when you can't. So you just have to pick where you can do it at."

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