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Media Day Forced Indoors

    <span>Due to heavy and stead rain in South Florida, the NFL has elected to take the uncustomary step of moving its annual Super Bowl media day from the outdoor field at Sun Life Stadium on Tuesday to an indoor concourse area.  

All players and coaches from the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts will still be available for interviews on the club level.

Rain started to fall in earnest in South Florida on Sunday and continued through most of Monday. Besides moving the media day festivities inside at the stadium, the wet weather affected plans to convert the field itself from the Pro Bowl to Sunday's Super Bowl.

The usual frenzied approach that is associated with media day, when reporters, broadcasters, photographers, TV crews and sundry "personalities" from around the world arrive to interview Super Bowl players and coaches.

In recent years a "journalist" for a Mexican TV network wore a bridal gown and asked New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to marry her. Another time, a ninth-grade "reporter" for Dave Letterman's "Late Show" conducted interviews.

But rain is something new to media day, which usually starts around 10 a.m. and lasts into lunchtime. According to a league public relations liaison, it is believed to be the first time Media Day has been forced inside.

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