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Kansas City Chiefs Postgame Quotes

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, RB Spencer Ware, TE Travis Kelce, QB Alex Smith, WR Tyreek Hill, S Daniel Sorensen, LB Dee Ford, C Mitch Morse, CB Marcus Peters, S Ron Parker and S Eric Berry spoke with media following win against the Saints

Several Saints fans made the trip to Kansas City for New Orleans' Week 7 game against the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Postgame Quotes

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement:

"Alright, really as far as the injuries go – [Demarcus} Robinson has a forearm contusion. [Mitchell] Schwartz has an ankle sprain, that's just reoccurring. He's had that and played through it. We just took him out the last special teams play there. Shout out to the fans, great support. I think they had four offsides today – illegal procedure by the other team. That's a pretty good stat right there. Every win in this league is a good win, and that's a team that's been red hot here. They're coming off two big wins against Carolina and against San Diego. So, we knew we would have to play four quarters of football. Our guys did that. A bunch of guys stepped up. I thought our defense flew around to be able to hold that crew to 21 points. That's kind of a feat with the way that they've been going there. Then, you have to give Cairo [Santos] some credit there – right? That last kick was a big one, there. So, he did a nice job with that. Offense and defense, I thought there were players there that stepped up. There are too many guys to name right now. I just thought it was a good team effort all the way around – special teams, offense and defense. With that, time's yours."

Are you getting more out of Tyreek Hill on offense than maybe you thought when the season started?

* *"Yeah, well we're asking him to do a lot of different things. He's a sharp kid. So, we've been able to give him maybe a little bit more than I thought as a rookie than you'd probably be able to do, but he's handled it. He had a nice touchdown – ball in the air, and went and got it. Obviously, the quarterback trusted him on that. It was fairly tight coverage, so put it up there and let him go get that thing."

Was it just a matter of time before he was going to get something there?

"Yeah, I think so. Even in that case, he got backed off, so we're not surprising anyone with his speed right now. So, they've got that figured out. It was man coverage and they back off. So, they probably have it figured out."

What was the plan with Jamaal Charles coming in?

"Yeah, you know, things were going okay, so I kind of let it ride there. His [Jamaal Charles] knee puffed up just a little bit this week. I'm trying to be as careful as we can with him on it, and with him in my ear wanting to play. We were doing okay there on the run game. Like I said at one point, [Spencer] Ware was cranking it out for seven yards a carry. So, I thought we were moving it alright."

Alex Smith had another really clean pocket today – what do you think is the change in these last two games?

"I thought the offensive line played well from what I saw here. We ran the ball fairly well. We threw the ball better. We had protection and threw the ball fairly well. So, I think the guys are just working together. They seem confident – playing good football right now."

Did the Saints try and do much to take the run away?

* *"So, they started in a nickel look – their big nickel look that they do with [Kenny] Vaccaro there. Then, when we started running it they put in bigs – five bigs. So, they had a little adjustment there in the second half when we were cranking off those runs, but then, they mixed it from there."

When you call that kind of play, there's always a chance that a guy could, obviously, go out of bounds (On Tyreek Hill end around)?

"Yeah, if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his rear end so much, but that's alright. That's how it works. I got it. I got it. You know, he ran out of bounds. We told him to stay in bounds and it didn't work. I'll take that one though."

What do you encourage your players to do when they get a personal foul – Charcandrick West got the personal foul for sticking up for his quarterback?

* *"You have to keep your composure. You have to do it in practice, and then, you have to carry it over to games. It's an emotional game, and sometimes, things get away from it. He's [Charcandrick West] a good player. Lucky us in that situation. You have to stay disciplined."

Did you think there were a couple too many shots on Alex Smith?

"I question the one on the sideline there. The ball was gone, and the guy dove and wrapped himself around him. He was probably lucky he didn't get hurt there."

Tamba Hali has had three neutral zone infractions the last couple of weeks – is there just something in his head or just trying to cause an edge?

"I'm not sure. We have to get that fixed. We can't do that, obviously. We'll go back. I'm sure he's trying to crowd the best he can. He can't do that."

Drew Brees gets the ball out pretty fast – were you happy with the pass rush today?

"Yeah, well, I mean they got there a couple times, but yeah, you named it. He's [Drew Brees] an amazing player now. His line is playing pretty good too this year. They've been fairly consistent with how they've played, but his ability to get the football out that fast is incredible. I mentioned this before, but him and Sean [Payton] will go down when it's all said and done as one of the greatest quarterback, coach combinations."

Daniel Sorensen had a pretty big game – did you see that coming?

"I mean that's a loaded question. He practices so hard every day in practice. He was right – right in the right spot. [Eric] Berry tips the ball. He picks it off, and once he gets it into his hands, he kind of knows what to do with it. He's pretty good with all of that stuff. He had some nice tackles. The guy works so hard that you're glad that happened. Everybody on the sideline was doing the "Dirty Dan Chant," he did a nice job."

Daniel Sorensen is an undrafted guy – what did you see from him early on that made you think he could contribute?

"Well, the earliest sign was that he was from BYU. The next sign was that [John] Dorsey brought him here, but it was a good pickup by Dorsey. We have a few of those guys that are kind of worker bee guys, and he's one of them."

I mean skill-set wise?

* *"Yeah, I mean skill-set wise, you could see that in college. He moved around pretty good. He's gotten better as it's gone on. He studies so hard and works techniques. He's not afraid to ask the other guys questions on things, and talk to his coaches – all of those things – that type of stuff. He's pretty good with all of that."

What type of impact do you think the crowd had in the delay of games and penalties for the Saints?

* *"I think they were a big factor there, right out of the shoot. I give them high fives, man. When you get three or four of those – that's a great deal." 

That third and 17 catch by Chis Conley was a crucial catch on the sideline – what do you think of that play?

"That was an amazing catch. To be able to get his feet down – that guy was all over that thing. It was a nice throw, great catch, big play. That punt is a lot different than continuing the drive, there. We were backed up there with a fourth and a long way to go, so not a lot of those in the game plan sheet."

What abilities does Spencer Ware have to allow him to make those kind of plays since he isn't that fast?

"Great feet and vision. When he hits it, he's going up the field. You don't see him going lateral much. When he sees it, he hits it, and he makes up a little bit just by angles, a bit, on speed."

You saw a little bit last year - Does that part of his game kind of surprise you a little bit?

"You saw that in college is where you saw it. When he was healthy that's how he rolled. I think him probably being around Seattle there a little bit with the way Beast Mode runs it – that's the same type of deal. He had a chance to watch that first hand and talk to him. As crazy as everybody thinks he is, now he's doing these commercials, and he's putting all this money in his pocket for never saying a word. Pretty smart guy. That's how you work that thing. He evaluated it."

Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith

You guys have been trying to get the ball to Tyreek Hill, is it a matter of time, or matchups, what about today made him available for big plays?

* *"Probably a little of all of that. It felt good with some of the matchups we had. He had only had a couple prior to this, but he is someone I feel like given one-on-one coverage down-field is a threat, not just an inside guy."

Has he [Tyreek Hill] given you more than you thought he might before the season started?

"I didn't know totally what to expect, it's hard to gage rookies on what they might contribute. You get the full spectrum so it's different for everyone and every position. He has a lot on his plate. He plays special teams a lot and he's certainly the guy that offensively has grown more and more but has been able to handle it mentally, which is probably the biggest thing honestly. I felt good about the matchup over there with the touchdown and tried to give him an opportunity. I thought he made a great catch, I thought he got interfered on it as well; nonetheless it was a great catch."

You took a lot of deep shots today, was it also due to the match-ups?

* *"I think we felt good about the match ups yes, but I thought it dictated it. The way they played especially in the first half kind of summed it up. I probably could've taken more shots in the first half, looking back at it on the sidelines. In the third I thought we had good rhythm, we were moving the ball well. However on some key third downs today we couldn't convert. We didn't take as many shots in the second half, but we did have some big conversions in the fourth quarter that were able to flip their position, and do enough with the clock to get us out of there."

What is it about Jamaal Charles' game that allows him to create big plays?

* *"I think that the agility of the guy. He runs with a lot of physicality and determination. A lot of agility, he has a great change of direction. He played quarterback and slot, he's done a lot of things in his past going back to college, so he has that in him. He's a good mix and I think you see it physically. He has great vision and is hard to tackle."

On getting a turnover on Drew Brees:

"It was big. You look at the difference I was telling the guys in the locker room the two turnovers were the difference maker. Obviously Dan [Daniel Sorensen] being able to get the score and then for them on the second one they're driving, they had some long drives today time wise and driving down was just a killer, the fumble. Just to put that whole drive together and get nothing from it and we were able to convert and milk the clock even more. Difference makers today."

You said you told them that in the locker room, was that just sort of a postgame breakdown?

* *"Yeah just there at the end. I felt like it was kind of a funny game just coming down to the end. I don't think sometimes those guys realize that that team was really hot and playing really well, especially on the offensive side of the ball and I thought our defense had a really big challenge today. I thought they got a great boost from the crowd all day which was great, but I thought those guys stepped up when they had to. They didn't give up a bunch big plays, made those guys drive it the whole length, eat up the clock and it ended up being the difference."

On pre-snap motions and balance:

* *"I feel like in the first half spreading it around, we took a bunch of shots, hit one, had the nice play, Spencer [Ware] breaking that one out, great blocking down field on that. Mixed in I felt like in the third quarter had a good mix going as well. A couple of third downs, we're going to look at that if we'd have converted one really would have made the difference today and would have kept it a two score game up until the end. We'll look back and I think you need to get better at that. Defense played great and time just ran out and we were able to get the win. I think looking back there were a couple of key third downs that we're going to wish we had over again."

You had a pretty clean pocket today, no sacks, what's been the key?

"A lot of things, I think time on task, just those guys getting better as a group. We came back healthy after the bye I know that was a big part of it. Those guys playing as a unit and communicating well, getting more and more comfortable with what we're doing. A lot goes into protection. It doesn't just fall onto five guys. I certainly think the last two weeks they've really set the tone for us in both run and pass."

On scrambling and taking shots

"Between the slide and the two sideline plays I felt like they kind of got out of control. I thought the refs weren't controlling the game as well. I thought all three of them were questionable. In the end we didn't get them, that's the way it goes. I thought they all were very possible."


Do you feel like this team is on the right track?

"Absolutely. Defense played well. Special teams played well. We played together as a team. Collectively, we executed and did our jobs and came out with a victory."

Can you take us through the touchdown play?

* *"Big guys were coming at me. I wandered off, got lost in the middle and ended up squeezing out of there. It was a tremendous job on the perimeter by our receivers and a great job by our offensive linemen coming downfield to block. It's always good to see those big guys run like that. That's the type of energy we feed off of."

In terms of execution and play, was that the best first half we've seen all season?

"Yes, but there's still work to be done. We want to continue playing our style of football and we're not going to be content. We're going to continue being productive each and every week."


How does it feel to put back-to-back wins together?

* *"It's keeping the ball rolling. Coach Reid said it best when he said, 'Every win in this league, it doesn't come easy.' There's no teams you can take lightly because it's any given Sunday in this league. It feels good to go in and get a win and keep the ball rolling."

Do you feel like this team played a complete ball game in all three phases?

* *"You've got to take that question to the film room. Right now, we're just living it up and enjoying the win. We'll look at all the corrections on Monday and Tuesday."

Not counting practice, is this the first time you've seen Tyreek's speed in a game?

"I was excited for him. I saw him running down the sidelines making that crazy catch and I thought, 'Dang straight, man. Alright little guy.' It's fun seeing him do well and have this success early and I'm sure that's going to keep going."


Can you take us through that touchdown catch?

"Alex [Smith] just told me to run as fast as I can and I was able to make a play."

What was it about today that seemed to work in the passing game?

"Chemistry, I guess. Just working on things before and after practice. Alex [Smith] and I have been working together a lot and it's working out."

Was it a surprise to you when you made the catch? Have you made that same catch before?

* *"Yeah I've made the catch before. It wasn't a surprise to me or anyone on the team. I've just got to be able to make plays when my number is called. "

* *


What are you going to tell your son about today -- someday down the road?

"I was able to make some plays on account of what others were able to do. Our defensive line got after Drew Brees, Eric Berry made a nice tip -- I was able to make the catch. It was a good performance by everyone all around."

A sack and a pick-six against a likely Hall of Fame quarterback -- it has to be a first in your career?

"Yeah this will definitely be one to remember."

What did you see on the interception?

"I was moving that way when the ball was going. It got tipped and really just fell into my lap. I got it and was thinking, 'run as fast as you can and don't let anybody catch you."

Did you put the ball in good hands?

"Yeah the equipment guys have it so I'll track it down sometime."


Has the energy been as high as ever the last couple games?

"Yes. My energy has been pretty high. In this league, it's really bewailing yourself. No one is completely healthy, has full energy -- not natural energy. You have to push yourself there and stay in there."

Did Drew Brees surprise you at all?

* *"No, not really. He did a great job. He quick-counted us, he high-counted us and he did a great job of getting the ball out of course. They did a lot to discourage our rush and that's a veteran quarterback for you. He just did a lot of great things. Even on the play he extended to get that last touchdown late."

Overall, how good was the defense today holding the Saints' offense to just 21 points?

* *"It was good but we didn't even want them to score those 21 points. That's just the mentality we entered the game with."


Comment on the benefits of a successful run game:

"It is really nice to get runs going. It chews clock up, it gets the defense a little tired and it sets up play-action passes, which makes the passing game easier. It is a lot easier when you are not in a deficit and you can dictate how the game goes. We were able to do that these last two games."

How did you keep the defense from getting a sack today?

* *"We establish the run and keep the threat of the run. We set up play-action passes. Alex helped us out too.  He used his feet a lot today to escape a few sacks. I think, the big thing is, we run the ball. Once you run the ball, that sets up everything else."

How big was this win today?

* *"It think it's nice. To win in this football league is hard. For us to continue that, we have to put our nose to the grindstone, understand the gameplan and rock and roll."


Do you feel good about holding the Saints to 21 points?

* *"We gave up 400 yards though.  We've got to go back to the drawing board. We've got to get the completions down a little bit, even though he was getting the ball out pretty quick. They had a couple of free runners. We have to go back to the drawing board. We got the W. We came away with some turnovers, so that was good for us. We will move on to next week and take it week by week."

Comments on his fumble recovery which was forced by Ron Parker?

"If you would have heard it on the field, as soon as he punched it, it was coming out. That is just everybody flying to the ball and everybody doing their job and just finishing. He wasn't down yet. Every day we try to get the ball out if we can and we got the ball out."

Have you ever experienced being avoided by the other team like you were today?

"They did but they threw a hitch on me. They threw a curl on me, later on in the game. I have to do the little things. I missed a tackle on the under-boot that they did. Those are the little things. If they are going to throw away from me, I have to use my instincts and recognize the plays like those under-boots. I can go make tackles and get them down on short yardage. I will continue to play my game. We trust in the defense and go out there and play team defense. We'll all go out there and try to dominate."

On the interception by Daniel Sorensen:

"EB (Eric Berry) should have picked it but he got the assist. So Dan took it to the house. There ain't anything wrong with a little alley oop. Dan played a hell of a game today, man. That is what we are going to need. Every week we are going need someone new to step up. That's what happened."


*Comments on forcing the fumble recovered by Marcus Peters: *

"As he was going down, trying to get more yards, I got a good look at the ball and took my chance. We emphasize turnovers all week in practice. Every chance we get on running backs, we try to attack the ball and get the ball out. I saw my shot and I just took it. It was a clean shot and I got all ball and it was a good play. Drew Brees was doing a good job of spreading the ball around. They were doing a good job of running the ball on first and second down and getting first downs on third down. I think that play was crucial to our team. We needed a turnover or something to give us a spark."

*Comments on the defense's performance against the Saints: *

"They got their yards. Drew Brees is a pretty good quarterback. They've got a good group of guys on offense. I think we did a good job, overall, as a defense today, limiting the big plays and taking advantage of our opportunities."

On the team's nine-game winning streak at home:

"It's Arrowhead man. This is a great place to play. I don't want to play anywhere else but Arrowhead. The fans are great. They give us great energy. We feed off of that every weekend."


On his performance today:

"I just wanted to fly around today. I think the team feeds off of my energy. I think, me just running around, playing with a motor, not just out of control but in control, I think helps the team out a lot."

On the athleticism of S Daniel Sorensen:

* *"He is very fast. We actually had a talk about that this week, about how fast he is. He is a heck of an athlete as well. We ask him to do a lot of things and he does them very well. It is all about finding that rhythm and I think he is getting into that rhythm. I like to call him a ballplayer, man. Runs or pass it doesn't matter. He is a heck of a special teams player as well. I think that carries over to defensive play because you have to be intense in special teams play. I feel like he brings that to our defense."

After the success of the last two weeks, do you feel like the defense is coming along?

"Yeah but we have to keep finishing. I, honestly, don't feel like we finished the game how we were supposed to. I feel like we gave up too many yards and could have gotten a few more stops that we needed to give the offense more opportunities to get the ball. We got turnovers. I am definitely happy for the win but there are a lot of things we can improve on, especially if we want to be an elite defense."

Did the crowd noise contribute to the Saints four false start penalties?

* *"Definitely, especially with a veteran quarterback like that, you don't expect it. They had a few delay of games as well.  Anytime we play at home, it says it on all the boards, 'the loudest stadium in the world'. That's true."

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