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Inside the Huddle with Jahri Evans

    <span style="">Questions and Answers with Guard Jahri Evans  

Q. You were a Left Tackle in college at Bloomsburg, what was the transition like to playing Right Guard in the NFL and what would you attribute your success to on the NFL level?

A. It was just a matter of going up against bigger guys on a different side. All of them are big, strong and fast. There are different timings and the space to work with is different. As a tackle, you're out on the edge with a lot more space to work with, but inside you make contact right away. It's just a matter of having my feet right at all times.

Q. At your position how do you work with the Center and the Tackle when facing a pass rush?

A. Sometimes when you have a shade on the center, that's when double teams occur. Most of the time when you have a three-technique, that calls for a more one-on-one scenario, unless you have a tight end that stays on the line you might have some help out at tackle.

Q. You were part of an offensive line that surrendered the fewest amount of sacks in the league last year, how do you feel about the line this year?

A. We are definitely trying to keep it up, we are trying to prevent sacks again this year. We have a really good running game, and we're trying to help out the backs to get 100-yards rushing every game. We are just practicing our technique, listening to our coaches, and letting Drew (Brees) put us in the right position to pick up blitzes and we should still be successful.

Q. Who is the hardest player that you have had to block?

A. Kris Jenkins (New York Jets), when he was in Carolina was pretty hard to block. Sam Adams (Denver Broncos) was tough my first year. Mainly just the big guys like John Henderson (Jacksonville Jaguars) and Marcus Stroud (Buffalo Bills). The ones that are over 300 lbs. are always going to give you a hard time. I like to get close to those guys, get my hands on them quickly and everything will be all right.

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