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Inside the Game: New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles statistical comparison 

Go inside the statistical comparison between the Saints and Eagles before their divisional round game on Sunday, Jan. 13

2018 Regular Season National Football League

Table inside Article
Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank)31.5 (3)22.9 (17t)
Opp. Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank)22.1 (14)21.8 (21)
Total Off. (NFL Rank)379.2 (8)365.3 (11)
Rushing Off. (NFL Rank)126.6 (6)98.1 (4)
Passing Off. (NFL Rank)252.6 (12)267.2(17t)
Total Def. (NFL Rank)349.1 (14)366.2 (17)
Rushing Def. (NFL Rank)80.2 (2)96.9 (10)
Passing Def. (NFL Rank)268.9 (29)269.3 (21)
Kickoff Return Avg. (NFL Rank)24.3 (10)22.0 (16)
Punt Return Avg. (NFL Rank)6.5 (24)6.5 (19)
Turnover Margin (NFL Rank)+8 (7)-6 (25)
Penalty Yards939852
Opp. Penalties85115
Opp. Penalty Yards814995

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