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Inside the Game: New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles series history 

Take an inside look at the series history between the Saints and Eagles

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles series history

The Saints and Eagles first met on Nov. 5, 1967, with New Orleans posting a 31-24 victory at Tulane Stadium. It was the first win in franchise history, coming in Week eight of the Saints' inaugural season. The Saints are 9-7 in games played in New Orleans in the regular season and 1-1 in the playoffs. The Saints have a 12-16 regular season record and a 2-1 mark in the postseason vs. the Eagles. 12 of the games in the series counting both the regular season and the playoffs have been decided by a touchdown or less, with seven decided by three points or less:

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11/05/1967Tulane StadiumW, 31-24
11/19/1967Franklin FieldL, 21-48
12/08/1968Franklin FieldL, 7-29
10/26/1969Franklin FieldL, 10-13
11/30/1969Tulane StadiumW, 26-17
10/29/1972Tulane StadiumW, 21-3
10/27/1974Tulane StadiumW, 14-10
11/06/1977Veterans StadiumL, 7-28
09/17/1978SuperdomeL, 17-24
09/16/1979SuperdomeL, 14-26
11/09/1980SuperdomeL. 21-34
10/11/1981SuperdomeL, 14-31
12/11/1983Veterans StadiumW, 20-17 OT
10/06/1985SuperdomeW, 23-21
09/20/1987Veterans StadiumL, 17-27
12/18/1989SuperdomeW, 30-20
10/13/1991Veterans StadiumW, 13-6
09/06/1992Veterans StadiumL. 13-15
01/03/1993SuperdomeL. 20-36
12/26/1994Veterans StadiumL, 26-37
10/01/1995SuperdomeL, 10-15
09/24/2000SuperdomeL, 7-21
11/23/2003Linc. Fin. Fld.L, 20-33
10/15/2006SuperdomeW, 27-24
01/13/2007SuperdomeW, 27-24
12/23/2007SuperdomeL, 23-38
09/20/2009Linc. Fin. Fld.W, 48-22
11/05/12MB SuperdomeW, 28-13
01/04/14Linc. Fin. Fld.W, 26-24
10/11/15Linc. Fin. Fld.L, 17-39
11/18/18MB SuperdomeW, 48-7

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