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Gayle Benson invests in Inclusively, the workforce inclusion platform aiming to become an integral part of NFL and NBA daily hiring process

Inclusively currently serves the 1-in-4 people in America who are living with a disability by providing a trusted place for them self-disclose their accommodation requests and has plans to expand the application of their technology to companies’ existing employees and other communities


Benson Capital Partners founder, and New Orleans Saints owner and Pelicans governor Gayle M. Benson is invested in Inclusively, a workforce inclusion platform that strives to create more equitable and resilient organizations. Benson Capital Partners is a minority investor in Inclusively since its investment in October 2022.

Inclusively's technology carefully matches candidates to hiring teams with all of the relevant information companies need to provide an inclusive experience at scale. The Inclusively platform helps employers unlock the power of today's workforce by connecting qualified candidates with the right companies.

"Inclusively provides access to over 1 million diverse candidates seeking employment. We make it easy for hiring teams to accommodate candidates, rapidly increasing a company's ability to benefit from diverse talent," said Inclusively Co-Founder and CEO, Charlotte Dales. "Gayle Benson and Benson Capital Partners' investment in our company allow us to grow and reach candidates whose talent otherwise may be overlooked."

"Our goal is for Inclusively to become an integral part of the NFL and NBA daily hiring processes," Gayle Benson said. "The platform that Inclusively provides is unmatched in today's world of seeking talent, and it's time to recognize that, just because a person has a challenge in one area of life, they can succeed in others. Charlotte and her team at Inclusively are driven individuals and I am humbled to play a role in their mission."

Inclusively has developed and consolidated partnerships with over 50 enterprises including Lyft, Delta, Salesforce, Charles Schwab, as well as consolidated access to over 900 nonprofits, government agencies, training programs, universities and more. This has enabled employers to access a robust source of over one million candidates and growing.

The NFL's New Orleans Saints and NBA's New Orleans Pelicans have joined Inclusively's growing list of large employers that are now customers on the workforce inclusion platform.

"Inclusively's platform makes the recruiting and interview process seamless for hiring teams seeking talented individuals who can come in and make an immediate impact for an organization," said New Orleans Saints and Pelicans Senior Talent Acquisition and Retention Manager, Linley Fenlason. "Our teams, led by Gayle Benson, recently became Inclusively customers, and we are prepared to hire our first employee through the Inclusively process this month."

Why work with Inclusively?

  • 78% Interview to Hire Ratio
    - 30% above industry average
  • 30% Higher Retention
    - On average, candidates stay 2x longer
  • 72% Increase in Productivity
    - 30% of the existing workforce already meets the federal definition of having a disability yet only 3-5% disclose accommodations to their employer.

Are you a large employer? Come join the inclusion revolution by signing up your business today on

About Inclusively
Co-Founder of Inclusively, Charlotte Dales, was inspired to create this platform by her cousin, Cameron Northup, who became the first licensed aesthetician in Florida with Down syndrome. Inclusively is a technology platform that takes your employee experience, productivity and retention to the next level. We help you unearth new talent and unlock the potential of your existing employees without disruption. Starting with the disability community, our platform provides integrated access to 1 million diverse candidates to roles based on candidate skills, experience, and accommodations. We make it easy for hiring teams to make accommodations for candidates and existing employees, rapidly increasing a company's ability to benefit from diverse talent. And our lean-learning model ensures customers have access to disability inclusion subject matter expertise when they need it.

About Benson Capital Partners
Benson Capital Partners ("BCP") is a New Orleans-based, for-profit entity founded in 2019 by

Gayle M. Benson, principal owner and governor of the New Orleans Saints NFL franchise and New Orleans Pelicans NBA franchise. The firm focuses on investing in the Gulf South with an eye toward facilitating business formation, workforce expansion, and wealth creation.

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