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    <span>              <span style="text-decoration: underline;">NEW ORLEANS HEAD COACH SEAN PAYTON </span>                  

Opening statement
"Just a couple of notes on today's injuries, two players didn't return to the game. CB Randall Gay with a hamstring and T Jammal Brown with a groin. Those guys didn't come back in. Obviously it's a tough loss. There is not a whole lot to say you know we were committed to that game. We had a chance and opportunity and its disappointing. So we got to battle back here and prep some of the mistakes that hurt us in this game and move on. I thought we played hard we played a good team on the road. Our focus is now to get ready and get healthy to play San Francsico."

On the third-and-1 calls
"I don't look back on any third-and-1 or fourth-and-1 call."

On the play of QB Drew Brees
"I thought he played well. We had over 500 yards in offense."

On the failed goal line performance
"The only thing that was bothering me was that I didn't want to lose the time. So it was troublesome to me that it was two minutes left in the game. I thought that if we make this field goal we go up one and there will still be enough time. We had time to think about it, but I think we did the right thing in trying the field goal."

"If I look back on the goal line sequence, sure I'm pissed off about that. We should've scored. We didn't get in. We had the quarterback sneak the play before. At third-and-1 we drove the ball down and we weren't able to get it and we tried kicking the field goal. But what I thought about was I wanted to run some more plays and then kick that field goal with four seconds left instead of two minutes. We weren't able to do that. If I would've went for it on fourth-and2 we would've had 15 questions right now about what I was doing."

On how his play calling was affected as the game went down to the wire
"It affected a little bit. A little bit more aggressive. You can plan on the feel of a game going that way. You had to pay attention on the way that its going. So I think all of us, including everyone in this room, got a feel on how that game was going back and forth. There were momentum swings. I thought both defenses got tired. You could see that. It became a matter of a stop much like a arena ball game."

On Martin Gramatica's performance
"There is nothing else to say. He missed it."

On the play of CB Mike McKinzie
"I thought he played pretty well. He got a turnover for us with a interception."

On why his scoring drives were long and drawn out
"The only thing that was different in this game from what we prepared for was that gave a lot more zone coverage than what they have shown the prior two weeks. They've been a big man to man team. Today they played a lot more zone. So of course we had to be a little bit more patient in moving the football. That was a little different we spent the whole week on single safety man coverage. I'm not sure how much we got if any. It was a lot more zone so we kept the ball in front of them and we made some big plays, but we didn't score enough on offense."

On coming back from being down 21-3
"We turned the ball over for a touchdown. We gave up the big pass play for a touchdown. I think it became apparent then probably towards the end of that second quarter this was going to be a long game that was going to have a lot of swings to it."

"I thought QB Drew (Brees) played very well and I thought (TE Jeremy) Shockey played well. A lot of guys played well. The hard thing about a game like this was there was a lot left on the field. We were nicked up there were a lot of guys that was not able to play. (CB) Randall Gay came out (T) Jammal Brown came out. It's difficult when you come this close."

On the long pass play to WR Robert Meachem
"We received zero coverage and got full blitz. It was an empty personnel formation and on tape they'd shown that the blitz would play some coverage to it. We were able to slow the protection a bit with (TE Jeremy) Shockey. The primary on that coverage was Robert on the post. It was (WR) Devery's (Henderson) play going in, but when (WR David) Patten went out Denver had to come in at the X (postition) and Meachem ended up in the slot. He made a real good adjustment on the ball for the big play maybe a touchdown."



"This is a team game. I had a pretty good game, but it is what it is and we're one and two. I'm sure it was a great game from a fan's point of view. If you were watching at home I'm sure it was a lot of fun. For me, it was just to be able to be out there playing with my teammates, but I wish we would have won."

"This is the NFL. You never really know what to expect. I just try to come out ready to play and I'm happy I was able to contribute as much as I could today."

On coming back on the Broncos
"That's the thing about this team. Until the clock reads all zeros, we're going to keep fighting. This is a long season, we just need to buckle down and improve and I think we'll be okay."


On taking the loss
"It hurts. They're one of the best offensive teams in the league. They're 3-0, and we were able to fight back in a tough game, so the loss definitely hurts."

On his forced fumble
"He kind of had a one-handed grab. When he brought it in I was able to get my hand in there at the right time and force it loose. He [CB Jason David] did a nice job of continuing the play and getting the ball when it hit the turf."


On positives from the game
"There are a lot of positives. 25 [RB Reggie Bush] is growing up in front of our eyes. The team fought back. We were able to run the ball and pass the ball extremely well. We're going to get some guys back so that will help. I'm proud that we fought back from 21-3. We just need to finish but there are a lot of positives to take away from today's game."


"There are some plays that stick out in my mind [that hurt us]. We need to fix some things and that will be a focus point for us going forward."

On offensive performance
"I expected that we'd throw the ball a lot and be aggressive offensively. Coming into the game, that was just the vibe I got, and I think we did that pretty well today."


"I'm very disappointed. But as a team we did some good things. It's a long season. We need to continue to grow. Last year I was part of a team that started the same way and we ended up winning the Super Bowl so I know it's possible."

On being 1 and 2
"I think we're better than one and two. The last couple games have been close and our next couple games are at home. Hopefully we can come back and win those."


On the end of the first half
"You've got to score. We had it second and goal from the one on three straight plays. We couldn't punch it in. On my fumble, we had a quarterback sneak called and I lost the ball. Luckily Mike [Karney] saw the ball and got it back for us."

On offensive philosophy
"Our philosophy is always to take care of the ball. That's number one and making completions and getting the ball into the hands of our playmakers are two and three. For the most part I thought we did that. There were three plays that really slowed us down, and we'll look at those this week. I really think those three plays were the difference in the game."

On Denver defense
"Coming in we had seen almost all man coverage in their first two games and today they played primarily all zone. It's a very different philosophy than we had seen, but I thought we did a good job of adjusting quickly. We always try to come in with plays that we think we can run against any scheme so that didn't change much."

On short yardage gains
"I think [RB] Pierre Thomas is one of our best short-yardage runners. They [the coaching staff] should be able to ask us to get one yard and us convert. If you ask any offensive lineman on the team if they think they can get that one yard, all of them are going to say that we can."


On the defensive performance
"We didn't do well enough. We lost the game and that's what matters. We gave up too many points. Given, they're a very good offensive team, but we can't give up 34 points and expect to win."

On defensive adjustments
"The "D" just settled in and relaxed a little. We wanted to focus on just going out and playing and I think that helped."

On the 1-2 record
"We need to keep it in perspective. The difference between being 2-1 and 1-2 really isn't that much in a 16 game-season."


On his performance
"I just take my opportunities when they come. I don't expect anything but I know my role on this team will get me the ball. I know I'll get the ball, I just don't know how much. I just try to make plays when I get the opportunity.

On not being in on short yardage
"It's a judgment call and I just go with it. [RB] Pierre [Thomas] is a great player and there is no tension between us. I know that he is just as capable as I am at making the play."

On the loss
"It's frustrating to score 32 and lose, especially in the NFL. We kind of expected a shoot-out. They have great offensive players and a great offensive team – we do, too. I didn't expect it to be a 32-34 game, but I expected it to be high scoring."

On coming back from 21-3
"Just stay focused. It's in the past and we can't get it back. We wanted to focus on what's in front of us. It was tough to fight back but the offense and defense played great, and the 'D' gave us the opportunity to win in the end."

On his fumble
"It's frustrating because as a running back the one thing you don't want to do is fumble. I should have protected the ball better but I guess I was too focused on getting the first done.

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