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Five great quotes from Saturday's New Orleans Saints training camp practice

Coach Sean Payton, Jared Cook and others met with the media

Five of the best quotes from the media session following Saturday's New Orleans Saints training camp practice

Sheldon Rankins feeling good coming off of last season's injury:

"I think each day I feel a little bit more and more like myself. Even on the first day out there, like, I was doing things that kind of surprised myself sometimes just from the comfort level I was doing them at, the explosion level I was doing them at. Each day I am taking steps, but definitely starting to get into that old bag of, you know, who I used to be."

Coach Sean Payton on Jared Cook's comfort level in the offense:

"There are two things that come to mind for me with him. No. 1, I think for a player of his experience and his years in the league, I think he is in outstanding shape. He has very good stamina and I think that's served him well as a player. And then secondly clearly he has a real good grasp as to what we're doing and the confidence that that Drew (Brees) has with some of the details in the passing game and then also how he's handling the running game. He's been playing well."

Jared Cook talks his focus on improvement:

"Yeah. It's kind of picking up where we left off last year. Just (to) continue to get better, continue to build my rapport with Drew (Brees). It's a little different this year, being we didn't have OTAs. So, still working through quite a bit of stuff and then on top of that, our defense has a different look this year as well. They've been throwing a lot of kinks in and given us different looks. So it's getting used to that and just getting used to moving full speed with Drew (Brees) again."

Rookie Joe Bachie on receiving advice from Alvin Kamara:

"Yeah, AK is a very intelligent guy, very intelligent football player. And whenever you can get advice like that from someone who's been so successful and is so good on the field, so smart when he runs his routes and he just told me based on the wheel route, how to play a little better, how to get my eyes around. So you can make a play on the ball, be a play-maker and maybe get an interception or something. But, it was definitely a good teaching moment, a special moment for me."

Sheldon Rankins on how he has worked to improve his game:

"Yeah, so for me, it's all about like, I watch a ton of tape. I'm always trying to study, figure out what's going to work for me, what's worked for other guys, and if I can incorporate it into my game, and then also just looking at myself. I literally probably went back and watched myself from my rookie year, all the way to now. I've done a lot of self-study, done a lot of just critiquing myself and finding the better parts of myself throughout each year and trying to combine those and ultimately get back to being the player that I've always dreamt of being because I haven't hit that plateau yet."

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