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Drew Brees talks about win over Cardinals

Brees met with the media following the game

On if he felt that he could use a bounce-back performance after struggling the last two games:

"Get back on track. We've been disappointed in the last two games just because it is not our standard. It's not what we aspire to be with the bar that we have set for ourselves. It wasn't anything earth-shattering this week. It wasn't like it was a wholesale change on anything. We just got back to our stuff, execution at a premium. We put together a great practice week and that results in a great performance on Sunday. I think back on the game and everyone contributed. It was such a great team effort, especially offensively. I think about the run game, passing game, and the big plays we were able to make. It really started with the guys up front. The O-line did a phenomenal job today in all phases and we were able to hit on some big plays. We were able to sustain a lot of drives with a good ground game. Good on third down, good in the red zone, so all in all it was a good day."

On if he was surprised that Brandin Cooks was wide open on a few big plays:

"Yeah with the tempo at which we play, we try to stress the defense with our personnel groups and our formations. That's kind of the point of that at times is you try to put yourself in a position to get in a matchup or you're giving the illusion of something and it is something else. But man, great job by Brandin being able to pop free, and obviously he is hard to catch once you get behind him."

On if the offense was looking forward to the challenge of facing this defense:

"Number one defense in football according to the stats, and you turn on the film and you see why. They're good in their pass rush, a lot of talented guys in the secondary, forcing a lot of turnovers. Just being very opportunistic, so we knew that we had a great challenge ahead of us."

On if anything changes offensively depending on what side Patrick Peterson is covering:

"You're always focused on where a guy like that is because he's such an elite player. You just have to pick and choose your times to go his way. I felt like each one of our guys, when they had opportunities, they made the most of it today."

On Mark Ingram showing emotion on the sideline after being subbed out of the game:

"I didn't see that, so I have no idea what you're talking about, but I can say whatever it was, I'm sure it was just the competitor. I'm sure there is nothing more to it other than heat of the game, heat of the moment. We're all revved up. We're all competitive and we all want to win."

On how to describe the drastic difference in offensive performances this month:

"I don't know. Had a couple good days and had a couple bad days. Obviously we want to be more consistently climbing, but you're going to have days where it is just not quite clicking the way you want or you didn't make the plays when you had the chances. Other days you're able to make all the plays. I'd say we would like to be more consistent and more steady. I think it says a lot about our group the way we were able to respond today on the road against the number one defense and put together a great performance and a great win."

On Tim Hightower's two touchdown runs:

"Very meaningful. Everything that Tim has been through. He was out of football for three years with a knee and thought he would never play again on numerous occasions. You talk about a guy who has a ton of grit, a ton of passion and a vision for where he saw himself. I have so much love, respect, and admiration for a guy like him and what he has brought to our team. There is not a guy who is more respected on the team than Tim Hightower."

On getting Travaris Cadet involved in the offense early in the game:

"I felt like there was some good matchups for him. He had a nice third down play, third and 10 from the 10 and he gets in the end zone. Great effort on his part. He made the plays today when he was called upon."

On Coach Payton's message to the team:

"Just worry about one. Worry about one; let's get this win. We knew how meaningful it was. It gets us back on track in regards to the way that we are feeling. It's a good momentum swing in our favor and hopefully we can build on that this week."

On if the shoulder is feeling good after the game:

"Yeah feeling good. Just at that point in the season where I'm doing all the little things to make sure that the body is good."

On how he handles rumors about Sean Payton taking another job:

"That's the first I have heard of it. I would completely blow it off. Again, we're worried about what is right in front of us and this season. We're not worried about anything else right now."

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