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Drew Brees Talks About His Return

            <span style="">Q: How was it to get back?</span>                  

A: It was good. I got back last night, watched the film, it looked like there was some great work yesterday. I think this is important work to get anytime you can go up against another team you're not familiar with since they're not in your division and in fact in a whole other conference. You just get new looks that you haven't seen all training camp, because it's competitive because everybody wants to get out here and play well and you have something to prove.

Q: Has it been therapeutic for you to get back on the field after your mother's passing?

A: It's always nice to get back. Certainly my mind has been on my family and my mother. I have a family back here with our team the Saints, so when I got back it was great to see everybody, great to flip on the film and just start kind of getting back focused on football again.

Q: Can you compartmentalize things relatively easily?

A: I definitely think I can. I think unlike maybe when my mom first passed away, it was such a shock. Now that it's been almost two weeks and the fact that we've already had the memorial services. We've already had a family, friend memorial service on Monday and another yesterday. Now there's some sense of closure. I'm able to compartmentalize that and think about football.

Q: Does it take some time to feel completely comfortable again on the field?

A: Yes. It did. It's only been three days and I practiced Sunday morning and it hasn't been that long, but you feel out here, it does take a few snaps to get back in it. I don't want to say it's working the rust off or some kinks, since it's only three days, but just getting your mind back in it.

Q: Who won the battle between Jeremy Shockey and DeMeco Ryans?

A: I think I'd take Shockey over just about anybody in that deal. Tempers flare because it's competitive. Things are physical and it's football. Obviously we're not trying to get hurt out here. We're trying to help ourselves get better and they're trying to get better as well, but in the end when you have competitive people and you're in a physical sport like this, it's bound to happen. You just don't want anybody to get hurt because of it.

Q: Do the fights serve as a prelude to Saturday?

A: Last year it was the same thing. There's more fights as you go on because in the beginning you're kind of going at it and you kind of understand he's going faster than me, so you pick it up or I'm going a little faster than him. The second day you're more agitated. That's usually the way it happens. The longer you practice, the more you're going to see it happen. You wouldn't see it in the first or second drill. Once the second day rolls around that's what happens. It makes for a competitive game on Saturday.

Q: Are the fights with quarterbacks kind of like with goalies in hockey? Did you look for Matt Schaub when the fights broke out?

A: He was on the other field here. No, I'm just trying to get my guys out of there. You don't want anybody to get hurt.

Q: How do you evaluate the job the offensive line has done in camp?

A: I think they've been doing well. It's a group that's been together for a very long time. You mention the injuries. Obviously Jammal (Brown) and some other nicks and dings, but for the most part, our guys up front have been together a long time. Even the backups have been here for quite a while. (Jermon) Bushrod and (Zach) Strief have been here a few years. When those guys need to step in and get the job done along with (Jamar) Nesbit, those guys get the job done.

Q: How uneasy would you be if Jammal is sidelined?

A: That's tough, because obviously he's the anchor on that left side. I mentioned Strief and Bushrod. I'm very confident in those two guys. I certainly want to have Jammal back as quickly as possible, but that's a part of the game.

Q: Can you talk about the support of your team and teammates when you had to deal with your mom's passing?

A: It was awesome. In fact, Mr. Benson gave his plane to Sean Payton and six or seven guys to come out to the memorial service on Monday. It was awesome. They walked in and it brought a tear to my eyes, because I know how much they mean to me, just the fact that they were there to support me and my family was great.

Q: Can you tell which team members attended the service?

A: It was Sean Payton, Pete Carmichael Jr. our offensive coordinator, who I've been with a long time, Marvin Mitchell/Billy Miller.aspx">Billy Miller, Jon Stinchcomb, Charles Grant, Will Smith, Scott Fujita and Reggie Bush.

Q: Do you think the circumstances will make it difficult to start preparation wise?

A: No, having today, this afternoon and then tomorrow, we'll be fine. I've been playing a long time. I hope it doesn't take more than a few throws to get me back in it.

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