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Drew Brees on loss to Panthers

Drew Brees spoke about loss to Panthers

Transcript of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' session with the media following loss to Carolina Panthers.
Give them credit. They played a great game defensively. The two turnovers in the first half put us in a bad spot. Obviously, both of those happened on our side of the field. It felt like for most of the first half we played the game on our side of the field so any mistakes are magnified, so obviously that's something we've got to clean up. It's two weeks in a row that we've had that and two weeks in a row that we've had a blocked kick that's resulted in pretty catastrophic results. I think that we're doing a lot of good things, but unfortunately there are a couple of critical things that need to be fixed in order for us to win and be successful.

Team struggling with simple things
I don't know, but we're going to need to get it figured out. Listen, there is ebb and flow in a game and it's not a perfect game, but there are some critical things that need to get corrected. I think at the end of the day it's the team that makes the fewest mistakes. That is the one that usually ends up with a big advantage. I just know this, we basically put them in a position to score 17 points today with either turnovers or blocked kicks and when you play a good football teams then that's going to get you beat every time.

Division games remaining
I know there's a lot of football left to be played. Nothing has been determined at this point. I'm just focused on us and our team and I know that we've got a lot of football left. I know that three out of our next six are divisional opponents, so we've got to take care of business.

Slower tempo and less aggressive play
I felt like the tempo was ok. In every case you've got to take what the defense gives you. We're going to call shock plays, we're going to mix it up, we're going to do a lot of things. We play with..we work in a lot of personnel groups. We try to throw a lot at the defense in regards to personnel and formations, you know, run, pass, short game, play action down the field. We mix it up quite a bit. Today, unfortunately, two turnovers early were costly. Those are things that can be corrected and eliminated, but other than that you want balance. I felt like we ran the ball well and felt like we were efficient in the passing game.

Dictate to the defense instead of taking what defense gives you
Yes, but you also have to understand how the game needs to be played sometimes. This is a defense that thrives on you getting impatient. We knew that coming in. I tried to force one that I shouldn't have and it was a bad result, but beyond that I felt like we played efficient, unfortunately, mistakes cost us.

Did Mark Ingram injury affect play
Tim (Hightower) ended up catching eight balls I think and rushed the ball very, very well. We're lucky to have both of those guys. Mark's obviously a big, big part of our offense, but he's out and Tim's in so when he comes in Tim does a great job. Marcus Murphy got in for a few snaps and caught a pass and did some nice things so I feel like we've got a lot of guys in that backfield that can do the job.

Physically challenged with short week
No. I felt fine.

Tough loss for you and the team
When we make mistakes it's costly. We shouldn't expect to turn the ball over and get a kick blocked at the end of the half and now it's a ten point swing. So it's a ten point swing there and then there's ten more points in turnovers. Twenty points. Twenty points. You're not going to win any games – I don't care who you are with a twenty point swing. Those are the things that need to get fixed. If those things can get fixed we'll win a lot of football games.

What did you say to Luke Kuechly when he was taken off the field
I gave him his space as they were taking him off the field. I tried to let him know that I'd be praying for him. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but obviously for that guy to go down like that I think you think the worst. He is maybe, certainly one of the best football players I've ever seen – ever played against and I hope that he's ok.

How do you keep the young guys on the team positive
I'm not worried about our locker room one bit. They are, we are strong. We are together. We know there's a lot of football left but we also know we've got to be on point.

Andrus Peat's performance
Peat's done a great job. Andrus Peat has done a great job. That whole front five has done a phenomenal job together.

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