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Denver Broncos on win over Saints

Quotes of postgame interviews with head coach Gary Kubiak, QB Trevor Siemian and more

"I am very proud of our team. We fought. We fought all day long. That was our message last night in our team meeting. I just want to see everybody fight; coaches, players, and everybody laid it on the line. It was a great football game. We made a big play at the end. Obviously, (Justin) Simmons (made the block) and a great call by (Special Teams Coach) Joe (DeCamillas) and us executing and getting it done (was big). (It was) a really big win for our football team."

On if the team worked on the extra point block:
"It's something you work on all of the time. It's risky to do because if you touch somebody, you know that it's a penalty. There are certain situations in games where you say that it's worth the risk. That was one of them. I'm sitting there thinking about us having to go kick a field goal. I hear everybody go crazy and I look up and there goes Will (Parks). It definitely worked and panned out. I give Joe (DeCamillis) credit for always keeping grinding on it, making the guys work, and getting it done."

On what he was thinking about when he was looking down as the extra point attempt was being blocked:
"I'm sitting there thinking about what we've got to do next with the possession. I knew what Joe (DeCamillas) was doing, but I was talking on the headset, trying to think about where we go and try to get ourselves in field goal range."

On winning time of possession and the running game:
"We got off to a good start as a team. We got ahead. The turnover right before the half hurt. What it boils down to is (production on) third downs. I think that we were 11 or 12 for 19, so that gives you plays. We didn't run the ball well, but we ran the ball. It gives you a chance to run the ball. We've got to protect our quarterback better. That's where the (extra) snaps came from. Obviously, defensively, we stopped the run."

On his thoughts on the extra point return official review:
"They said upstairs, 'Coach, he has got a white shoe on. It's really, really close. The fact that they called it one way, I think that it'll stand.' They felt that way. I don't know. I haven't seen a replay, but that's what they told me."

On if he was worried that the call would be reversed:
"Oh yeah, you are always worried. There are defining moments in your season. That's a big one."

On the timing of the bye week:
"We need it. That's 14 in a row for us if you count the preseason. That's about 19 weeks of straight football for us. I need to freshen this organization up, the players, the coaches. We will get some of these guys back after the bye. We will work our young guys here. We'll be smart. I have to get this team fresh for the last six because we are really going to play in six playoff games. We are going to play in a lot of big games here down at the end of the season. I think that the first 10 weeks worked. Obviously, we've got to get better. I am really proud of how hard we fought and where we are at right now. We just have to freshen up and get ready to go."


"This game had a lot of ups and downs. Our defense really bailed us out a couple of times and played real well by turning the ball over. I think overall the group played really hard and there's something to be said about that. We just made one more play than they did it seems."

"When the game got tied, we started to talk about two-minute (offense) plays at that point. It was kind of a crazy deal there. But then we were kind of in disbelief just like everybody else when he blocked it first and then he was running it all the way back; I didn't have any idea who had the ball; but it was a pretty cool deal."

"It was huge, for us to come back the way we did. Our team really knows how to bounce back, and that's something that's been a staple of this team ever since I've been here the last two years. We have a great knack for overcoming negative plays. It wasn't perfect – I mean we screwed up a few times no doubt; I've had my fair share of those – but the group really responded well and turned the negatives into points."


Responding to question about his touchdown in the first quarter that was reviewed:
"I thought I was in for sure, definitely I thought my feet were in. And that is what the video showed, so it is all good. For us to score on the very first drive was huge. Just to know we went down and executed and took the lead early; that was big because we knew with the lead we can rely on our defense to hold them (Saints). Hopefully we can continue that after the bye."

"Obviously we have a lot of things to work on. But to come out here and win on the road in a tough environment – it's huge. It was a big win for us and shows the fight this team has."


On blocking extra point at end of game:
"I was inching into near where the center was as I was trying to get as close as I could to the center as possible before they snapped it. I hope I had enough room; obviously I did as they didn't call anything. My adrenaline was going so fast and all I was trying to do was to clear him (center) and block the kick. Like I said, it all worked out."

"When the game is on the line, and I am the guy responsible for trying to block the kick, I'm just trying to rush in there and make a play regardless of the ball is low or high or whatever; it doesn't really matter. We just picked up on a few things from them (Saints) by watching film during the week and executed the play."


On the defensive two-point conversion after block in the fourth quarter:
"It's something we work on in practice all of time. Usually he (Justin Simmons) goes about 42 inches in the air but this time he jumped about 45 inches to get the block! And I was just sitting there and grabbed the ball and all of my teammates just told me to run and I did. I was just running so fast I couldn't control my feet so I don't know how close I was (to the sideline); I was just moving."

"I don't know, I must be living right. This team must be living right. Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. I mean when we are out there and we have to score and the number one thing is to do that knowing we are down? It was amazing how this game ended."


"The Saints offense is real tough and we knew that coming in. And then we had a lot of guys out injured which only made the challenge more difficult. But we had a lot of guys who stepped in and made contributions. That was huge and led us to victory."

On his two interceptions:
"I just tried to make a play after the deflection on the first one. And then the second one I just went after the ball. I said after that, 'keep them coming,' as hey why not get three! But I was just out there trying to make plays to help the team win."

"That play right there, at the end, what you saw were two rookies stepping up and making a big play for our team to win this game. It was huge. I'm just glad he had the right cleats on."


"I've never had an ending like that; especially on special teams. It was just big, a big victory. I mean usually a game ends from the defense because of a forced fumble or interception or something like that. But seeing it happen from special teams, you never see that."

"This was a huge victory for us, especially coming off a bad loss last week to the Raiders. First of all, we addressed all week defensively to stop the run, and I thought we did that out there today. But there is always room for improvement. But the thing is this was one of those games where we needed the win. And now we go into the bye and get some of our banged up guys back and we should be ready to go the rest of the season."


On forcing fumble on Saints WR Michael Thomas in the fourth quarter:
"That's a play we work on as a defense all of the time. The receiver caught the ball and it's just he and I and we got tangled up and I stripped the ball out. In that situation you have to say to yourself, you've got to go for the ball. And luckily for us, the ball just punched out and we got a turnover."

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