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DE Jason Taylor Talks About the Saints

    <span style=""><span style="">Q: This was a tough, rough week coming off of the Giants game. Where do you guys stand coming off of that?</span>  

Taylor: We're disappointed we lost the game, but we really didn't play well enough to win. We gave up 16 points and played much better in the second half defensively obviously and kept them out of the end zone. We didn't make enough big plays offensively to score any points and that's something we need to correct. You are disappointed in that happening, but it is one week, but this week is another opportunity for us in our own backyard.

Q: How much do you think the questioned availability of Marques Colston would change the way they go at you?

Taylor: It won't change the way we approach the game. It may change the way they attack us. When you have an offensive line like the Saints do and the running backs that they do, I think your number one priority is to run the football. Losing Colston is huge. We all know what kind of player he is and the things he can do with the football. It's a tough blow for the Saints. It seems like this week some other teams have had to deal with some different injuries and it's been kind of crazy.

Q: What are your impressions of Jim Zorn?

Taylor: I think he's done a good job. We're only one week into it. As you go through time with wins and losses and some of the adversity you face during the season, you learn more and more about each other, he about the players and us about him as a coach. I think so far he's done a great job. He's rallied the guys. I know guys believe in him and trust him. He's a very straightforward, frank kind of guy. He's not a big yeller and screamer. He treats you like men and I think guys respect that.

Q: Is it still a period of transition for this team?

Taylor: I think so. It's a new coach. It's a new offense again for Jason Campbell. There are a lot of players that were here last year and I'm obviously new to the team and trying to find my way with the organization and in a new locker room, but I think every team goes through that. I think teams with new head coaches do so more than others, but everybody at this point early in the season is going through those growing pains and learning what team they're going to be with in that particular season.

Q: Is Drew Brees one of the toughest quarterbacks to put pressure on and force into bad throws?

Taylor: He is. I think he was the least sacked quarterback in the league last year if I was not mistaken and he's that kind of guy. When I was in Miami, we had a chance to get him twice and didn't get him and always wanted him. He's one heck of a quarterback.

Q: What is it against a quarterback like that that you can hope to do?

Taylor: You still play your game, try to pressure them. Pressuring the quarterback comes down a couple things. It's the guys up front playing hard, applying the pressure. It's the secondary and linebackers covering too. When you get all 11 guys defensively working together and doing the right thing, you can pressure the quarterback. Drew's got a bunch of weapons. He can dump the ball to (Jeremy) Shockey, their tight end. Losing number 12 hurts, their best receiver, but they still have plenty of places to throw the football and take the pressure off of him.

Q: How do you contain a guy like Reggie Bush and is it even the responsibility of a guy like you?

Taylor: Absolutely. He's one of those guys where when he comes to the field, everybody knows he's on the field. You better know where Reggie is. He's a dynamic talent that can break the game open quickly, whether it's running the football or catching a screen, taking it to the house or going out on a pass route. He's one of those guys who I know is looking forward to having a big year this year. He's talked about the pressure on him to step up and perform better. Watching the tape of that last week against the Buccaneers, he's something else. He's quick, he's fast, he'll test the edge on defensive ends and linebackers and even of corners.

Q: Do you have any advice for Kim Kardashian on Dancing with the Stars?

Taylor: I think she'll do great. I think everybody will be excited to see her on there. She'll have a good time with it. She's done reality TV, so she'll be fine in that whole atmosphere. It will be entertaining for sure. That whole cast will be entertaining. They have Kim Kardashian and Warren Sapp. For all of them it will be a pretty good time.

Q: The Saints defensive line has added some people this year. What is the reputation of guys like Charles Grant and Will Smith as well as Bobby McCray? Are they seen as a threat throughout the league?

Taylor: Yes. Certain guys catch the headlines and get more publicity than others. Other guys just bring their hard hat and lunch pail to work and chip away at it. Everybody in this league is a threat. You wouldn't be in this league if you didn't have talent. There's some guys like you mentioned that should probably get more recognition than they do, but for whatever reason, it doesn't work out that way. They all are very good players. We do watch them and we do respect them.

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