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Cowboys coach and players postgame interviews after the Saints game

Transcripts of Cowboys coach and players from postgame media availability

Photos from the New Orleans Saints vs Dallas Cowboys. Photos by Michael C. Hebert. (New Orleans Saints photos)


"(We did a) good job surviving at the end of regulation. We got a great break that they missed the field goal. Our guys battled and fought and scratched and clawed. I am really proud of them for how they fought throughout this ballgame to give us a chance. Obviously, in overtime we didn't get the job done. They found a matchup outside and made a good play for their touchdown. We didn't even get an opportunity. I did not get the job done in overtime. I thought that we fought really hard and had some different adversities that happened in the ballgame with different guys playing, different combinations of guys playing. It wasn't always clean in our execution, but we battled."

On what happened on the Saints' TD in overtime:

"We just didn't get the matchup the right way. They made the play and we didn't."

On Joseph Randle's touchdown:

"Obviously, it worked out. We scored the touchdown there. He got in before the ball came out. That is something that we discussed with him and our other running backs about how we want to handle that situation. It's a dangerous play when you extend the ball like that. It worked out for us tonight, but we don't want to do that in that situation."

On the play of the Cowboys defense:

"I thought that they did a lot of good things in the game. We made some critical stops at different times. At other times, they (the Saints) were able to drive the ball. At times, we did a good job defending the run. At other times, they got the run going. When they got the run going and the high percentage passing game going, they are a hard team to stop. They get in third down in those situations; they convert those third downs and keep drives alive. At different times, we made some stops. At critical times, we made some stops. Obviously, at the end of the game we didn't get the job done."

On Lance Dunbar:

"He hurt his knee. We will do more tests tomorrow and see what the status is."

On how the defense kept going without Sean Lee after he suffered a concussion:

"Next guy up. That's the philosophy we have. Our guys embrace it. Everybody has to be ready to play. We had some different combinations of linebackers playing in his absence. Anthony Hitchens does a good job stepping into that role and leading the defense. For a young player, he really plays like a veteran player. I thought he handled that well. We had some other guys in because of Sean's absence. We will go back and watch the tape to see how everybody performed."


"We got a lot of momentum really early in the game. We got a couple of completions by a couple of different receivers and we took control of the game early. On the last play to tie the game, I looked for (Jason) Witten first but the option was to Terrance (Williams) and I noticed him wide open down the sideline. I know we didn't get the ball back and that's real tough. Looking at it, we know we have a lot of things to clean up."

"That is a real good defense we were playing against out there. They have got a good coordinator and really good players. They play tight coverage and held us in check for most of night. I know when I get on the plane and head home I'll think about what I could have done to make a difference and win the game. And that's tough, because I know if I had done that we would have had a better chance to win the game. It all comes down to execution."

"I thought for the most part we executed the plays and got first downs. And that's what extends drives for us. But when you are playing against a hall of fame quarterback, you've got to keep them off the field. He's been playing at a high level in this league for a real long time. And when you give him opportunities, you know he's going to cash in. He's a real elite player in this league."


"We practice that play all of the time. In that situation, we're running a two-minute drill and Brandon threw it up there perfectly. I really thought we had the game won. But there was too much time on the clock. We should have won the game but we didn't as we never had a chance in the overtime."


"I thought we had a good rush on them on that last play in the overtime. But I couldn't wrap him up like I usually do. It was just a lack of communication on our part in the end and it cost us."

"I didn't think we played our best ball. We had a lot of opportunities to put them away but we didn't. We didn't play up to our potential tonight. It's up to all of us as individuals – me and everyone on the team – to do better. It should of never have gotten to that point in that situation for us to lose the game like that."


"It's tough, a really tough lost. We have to find a way to get better and get ready for the Patriots. We're aware players are out there getting hurt, but we've got to find a way as a team to bounce back and get a victory."

"As a defense, we've got to find a way to generate turnovers. We've got to get interceptions, create fumbles, something. That's the defense I know we can be – we were like that all last year. And that's the defense we need to start being right now."

(on Saints' touchdown in overtime) "We were in man to man coverage on the last play. Brees saw that from the jump and noticed the linebacker covering Spiller. He was able to run the wheel route, and he threw the ball up there perfectly. I tried to get over the top and help him (Anthony Hitchens) but it was too late. I thought I had a good angle on the tackle but he just ran down the sideline to score."


"It's not a good feeling and it hurts. I mean we played a good game and held them in check for most of it, but then the one play by them hurt us. It's a lost in the books and it hurts."

"On that last play, it was a matter of miscommunication. I was responsible for the coverage and I'll take responsibility for it. I'm the one who makes the defensive calls and yells out the call for coverage and that didn't happen on that last play."

(on Cowboys injuries) "I try not to dwell too much on the injuries we had out there tonight. I try to focus on my job and make this team better. In the end we just came up short tonight."

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