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Coach Sean Payton talks about Wild Card loss to Minnesota Vikings

Transcript of Payton's postgame press conference

Opening Statement:
"Obviously, (it was) a difficult loss. I felt, really, at the end of the day, that they made a few more plays, enough more plays than we did. It took us a while offensively to get going. I think that they did a handful of things to, kind of hinder us in the running game. We finally gained a little bit of momentum in the second half. I thought that defensively we held up. Tip your hats to Minnesota; they deserved to win. It's always difficult when it happens in the playoffs. There is no follow-up game, so you go from there."

(On if he received an explanation regarding the last play and if he felt there was offensive pass interference on the final play)
"I really didn't see any officials (after the game). I saw Mike (Zimmer) and we chatted for a little bit. I saw some of the other players that we coached in the Pro Bowl and congratulated them. They (Minnesota) did a good job. They played well."

(On if the Viking defensive line did anything different today)
"It was a little bit more of a run front on early downs. They played some jam and some things to make it a little bit more difficult. Like I said, I did not think that we particularly ran the ball efficiently enough in the first half. I felt like we found a few things in the second half to begin hanging our hat on. We had a handful of minus plays. Our third down numbers at the half, I think we were one of four. We struggled in protection early, obviously. The time of possession in the first half and the amount of snaps that you have when you are struggling on the third downs that we'd ended up….you felt like there weren't a lot of snaps to begin with in the first half. I thought that they did a good job on the third down plays. We needed to do better. It was a fairly low-scoring-type game throughout. Look, they made more plays than we did."

(On Taysom Hill's production today)
"He is a good football player. He enjoys playing. He does a lot of things well. He competes. He had the fake punt, actually. He does a number of things. He is an asset for us. He is a great teammate. He made a lot of plays."

(On the Minnesota zone stretch play that gave the Saints defense problems at times)
"It's one of their core plays. The runner, Dalvin (Cook) is something. He can move your defense with that wide zone and some of the play actions that come off it. I thought that we fit it pretty well at times. Other times, if you're not on top of it, or set the edge properly, or fit it properly, he is talented enough (where) it is not a five yard miss, it becomes a bigger play."

(On if there was a thought to remove Drew Brees and play Taysom Hill more at quarterback because of his mobility)
"No, not at all."

(On if Drew Brees's thumb injury contributed to his fumble)
"I don't think so. I would have to ask him or you would have to ask him. I think that he has recovered from that."

(On if Minnesota did just enough with their run game to keep the Saints off-balance)
"I thought that they ran the ball better than we did. We felt like that was going to be an important number. We felt like the third down number was going to be important. He (Cook) is an explosive player. I thought that, defensively, that was a hard-fought game. Both defenses, I thought, played well and hung in there. Down the stretch, here you are in overtime, they made a few plays right there at the end that, obviously, were significant."

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