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Coach Payton Saturday Q&A

    **Q: Can you discuss the progress of Sedrick Ellis?**  
    **A:**"I think he's handled this pretty well. Those guys (rookies) have been here for a couple of weeks. They have to become acclimated to the heat to some extent and I think he's adjusted pretty well. He has his weight where it should be and I think he's handling everything as we hoped."  

Q: Do you have some concerns about Hollis Thomas' weight at this point?

A:"He's not at the weight we need him to be. I'm going to be more concerned if he's at this weight in the fall."

Q: Have you had to tone down Coach Orgeron down at all given his enthusiasm?

A:"He has a lot of expertise at that position. Coaching the defensive line is a little unique. I think the most important thing is that he's teaching and he's doing a good job of that. I've been encouraged with the effort and energy we're getting from the front and him and Travis (Jones) are working well together. When you hire a specific coach, you're hiring his strengths and you're expecting that. I told him back at the Senior Bowl when we hired him that that's what we were looking for. He's done a good job."

Q: In his new position, did you want Dennis Allen to go into this season with a specific focus?

A:"The most important thing was just from a consistency standpoint, the fundamentals and the specifics as it pertains to the back end. I think that's an area we can improve on and I think paying attention to the little things, the details of a alignment and assignment, I think that's been one of our focuses as a defense overall. Certainly the responsibility of that will fall under he and Tony (Oden) and I'm confident that those guys will help us improve back there."

Q: Is Jonathan Vilma showing any lingering effects from his surgery?

A:"No, we're progressing with his reps and monitoring how much we're giving him and he's probably getting a third of the work. There haven't been any setbacks and that's the main thing. He hasn't had any setbacks right now, knock on wood. We're just progressing along with our rehab. He's done a good job with it and he's picking things up."

Q: Can you discuss the progress of Roman Harper and if this is a different offseason for him given that he is not a rookie or coming off of a major injury?

A:"It's an important year for a lot of guys and certainly it's an important year for Roman. He's healthy right now. He's had a good offseason. I know he's looking forward to getting back out there. He's no longer a young player. He's had enough reps and enough game snaps to where he needs to be a factor for us and a force for us."

Q: Do you think the intensity of these workouts pick up when the public is invited to them?

A:"I think that happens naturally and I think it's a good thing. It gets a little bit more competitive and I think that's positive."

Q: Do you see any maturation from Marques Colston in terms of becoming a leader?

A:"His personality is the same. A lot of times guys will lead by example. Sometimes guys will lead vocally and by example. I think there's a level of confidence by his peers and teammates as to what he can do. I know that quarterbacks have a high level of confidence in his ability. He's one of those guys that's in year three."

Q: Can you discuss your impression of Randall Gay in these workouts?

A:"He's picked things up pretty well. He made a good play today in one of the seven-on-sevens with an interception. He has good ball skills and he's pretty aware. The transition in regards to scheme and picking things up has gone fairly smoothly for him."

Q: Is secondary an easier position to evaluate without pads on?

A:"I think some of the skill positions are a little bit easier initially, because you have the chance to do a lot of things that don't necessarily request the full uniform. Still, at cornerback and at safety, you're still relying on solid tackling, you're still relying on guys who can shed blocks and play not just one dimensionally in the passing game. It probably is a little bit easier (to evaluate) receivers, defensive backs and cornerbacks."

Q: Can you discuss the progress of Deuce McAllister?

A:"He's important to our equation. He gives us our power running game and he gives us balance. Right now he's taken limited reps. We're monitoring his progress. I said this a little bit yesterday that two years ago at this time, he was coming off of an ACL (injury) and he was probably in a similar situation of where he have to be mindful of how much work he's receiving and to avoid any setbacks, but he's progressing well, getting his weight down and those are the things we're looking for."

Q: Can you provide us with an injury update?

A:"There is nothing new from the afternoon practice. Jason David, we're still holding back. It's the same as it was yesterday. (Josh) Bullocks, (Greg) Fassitt, (Olaniyi) Sobomehin is not here, (Mike) McKenzie, Eric Johnson, Titus Ryan, DeMario Pressley and Jason David."

Q: Do you see Pressley getting on the field?

A:"That's a good question. I think our goal would be not during this minicamp, but our goal would be to evaluate his progress at these next couple weeks of OTAs."

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