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Brees on the Panthers

    <span>              <span style="">Q: Can you discuss a John Fox defense?</span>                  

Drew Brees: "They usually don't give you the same thing twice. It's hard to anticipate what they're doing. They are very well-coached and disciplined. They typically give you a lot of looks. That's a John Fox defense."

Q: They have typically had a great defensive line in the past. Is that true again?

Drew Brees: "Yes. They're solid up front and they're playing very well up front. Their linebacking corps is one of the best I've ever seen. They're pretty solid all the way around."

Q: Does it affect your three step drops and what you typically try to do?

Drew Brees: "No. We try to mix it up on them as much as they mix it up on us with formations, personnel groups, three steps, five steps, play-action, run the ball, inside-outside. We try to do everything."

Q: Did it seem like Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey missed a step in their return to practice?

Drew Brees: "No, they looked good. Every Wednesday with new install and everything else, there's a little hesitation on everybody's part, but I felt like those two guys looked good today. I know they were happy to be back out again."

Q: What will it be like to get those guys back again soon?

Drew Brees: "It will be great. They bring a lot to the table. It's a great match-up. Marques on anybody, Shockey on anybody. You just feel like those are some go to guys. I know when they do come back, they will be healthy, spry and ready to go. I'm excited to have him back."

Q: Is it hard to say goodbye to someone like Terrance Copper?

Drew Brees: "He's never been given anything. He's had to earn everything he's ever gotten, worked extremely hard. In 2006, he started half the season for us when Joe Horn got hurt and he really did a great job. He stepped in whenever he's been asked to at every wide receiver position over the last three years and from a special teams standpoint, he's been one of the best special teams guys. Unfortunately you are at the point in the season where with some injuries it's a numbers game and we're getting some guys back healthy, but it's just kind of one of those tough moves."

Q: How much is there to a quarterback's personal clock to getting rid of the ball?

Drew Brees: "There's a lot to it. It's important. You just have to realize what sacks do to a drive. A sack is typically at least a five to seven yard loss and you lose the down. That's worse than a holding penalty. At least with a holding penalty you get the ball back. When you understand what sacks do, you have more of a clock in your head about getting rid of the ball. Throwing it away is okay or even a check down for one or two yards is better than no gain."

Q: Does the clock work differently for when you're under center or behind shotgun

Drew Brees: "It's really the same, maybe a little different, because when you're in shotgun you're already back where you're a little bit more relaxed whereas under center you're really trying to drive for depth and then step up. It's similar and according to the play, according to the defense. If they're bringing pressure you might have to get it out a little bit sooner. It all depends."

Q: Are you counting in your head?

Drew Brees: "Yes. It's subconscious. It's never simple, but you try to make it that way."

Q: Do you adjust the clock when you go against Julius Peppers?

Drew Brees: "You feel it. There's times when he's on you faster than you anticipate and there's times where we're getting him blocked. You just try to feel those guys, feel where they are. Every play is different. I can't tell you this play I know I'm going to have three or four seconds to throw. You never know. The fact is if you know where you can get rid of the ball, you can keep out of trouble."

Q: Does the clock vary for different teams with different pass rush schemes?

Drew Brees: "Yes, you just understand that guys have to be extremely crisp in their routes. I have to be getting the ball out of my hands with great anticipation. It's nothing that we don't practice everyday. I always try to throw the ball with anticipation. I always try to be accurate and feel like I know where to get rid of the ball. If my receiver's not open and I don't want to force it in there and the guy's on me, now I'm thinking about taking a sack or throwing the ball away. Where can I throw the ball away? I know my check down's right here, so I can throw it to this."

Q: What problems do Carolina represent on defense one, two three?

Drew Brees:: "I don't know, that's hard. They can give you some problems with the pass rush. Their linebackers are fast guys that make a lot of tackles and a lot of plays. Their corners and safeties are very aggressive with good ball skills and all those things. I don't know. I really can't say on, two three, they're all solid."

Q: Do you know what is different from what you saw last year from them?

Drew Brees: "I think they're playing with a different energy. I think it's a lot of the same guys, but they're 4-2, playing with a lot of confidence. I know coming off that loss at Tampa, they're going to be salty. Coach Fox is a very good coach. Coach Payton knows him very well. They're going to have those guys ready to play. They're coming back home for a divisional game. All those reasons are why they want to win this game are reasons why we want to. We both need a win."

Q: Did you ever think about it that you and Jake Delhomme have a lot of similarities in playing style, character and medical histories?

Drew Brees: "What I like about Delhomme too is the road that he traveled, being a guy who I know was here. I remember him being here and bouncing around a s a backup. Finally he gets an opportunity and he makes the most of it. He's taken them to a Super Bowl and an NFC Championship game. He's shown that he can play at a very high level. I've had the chance to meet him a few times. I love his attitude and his personality. He's a fun guy to be around. You can tell by the way he interacts with his players that he's a good leader and those guys respond to him. When he's in there, he can make a lot of plays."

Q: Is it interesting that both of you have had comebacks from major arm surgeries?

Drew Brees: "His was a major surgery too. I don't think a lot of guys are able to come back and play as well as he's played after something like that. When you witness his attitude and his personality, there's no doubt. He's just that kind of guy. I'm happy for him. He's a guy that I root for, except for the fact that he's in our division, we're battling it out and there's good competition."

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