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5 great quotes from Thursday's Saints training camp practice, Sept. 3, 2020

The best quotes from New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton and players after Thursday's training camp practice

Photos from New Orleans Saints training camp practice on Thursday, September 3, 2020 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Five of the best quotes from the media session following Thursday's New Orleans Saints training camp practice

Coach Sean Payton on practicing with crowd noise in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome:

"What we're going to deal with, every team in the league is going to have kind of an ambient crowd noise set at 70 decibels. So we had it at 70 for most of the practice, and then when music is played, it will be at 75. And that that really is for week one. That obviously can be adjusted based on where this thing goes relative to fans, so we had it on 70 and we had the music at 75."

Payton on the benefit of going through gameday simulations during practice at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome:

"I think so. It's a rehearsal, and we're trying to cover every detail possible. There's a few changes as to where we're at in our locker room, based on the policies this year. All of these things. So that on gameday, there's no surprises."

Defensive back P.J. Williams on transitioning from cornerback to safety:

"Yeah, it's totally different. Just being able to go out there and be a lot more confident, knowing what to do, knowing what the offense is going to give us and knowing what my job is completely. It's a big difference just going out there and just playing."

P.J. Williams on how his new role is working out for him:

"I feel like it's working out real good just learning a new position and then also being able to go out there and make plays. Just the knowledge I'm getting of the whole defense, not just of this position. Learning this position helped me understand a lot more about the game so I feel like it's going good and I feel like it's something I can definitely be capable of playing at a high level."

Tight end Adam Trautman on his initial reaction of practicing in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome:

"Yeah, no, when I walked it for the first time, the biggest crowd I've ever played in front of I was like 5,000 and walking in a stadium with 73,000 seats. Obviously it's going to be different this year, we're not going to have that many people at the game, but it was awesome walking into the (the stadium for the) first time. You can tell there's a great environment here on gameday and all that kind of stuff. It's awesome to be in here."

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